Reason iPhone is the Most Sold Smartphone Every year

For the past few years, the iPhone has been the most popular smartphone. There is only one model. This year, the most popular smartphone is the iPhone X. In 2019, it was the iPhone XR, and in 2020, it is the iPhone 11. I’m sure iPhone 12 will top all sales in 2021. With regards to how many units a single iPhone model sells, iPhone has a huge margin over other brands. Could you explain why iPhones are the best-selling smartphones every year? Is it because people prefer iPhones to Android phones? In the year 2015, iPhones were the most sold smartphone for the following five reasons.

Brand Value

In my opinion, Apple’s brand value is the primary reason for iPhone sales. Branding is not an easy task. In order to create trust with customers, you must manufacture your own products, like Apple does. They provide high-quality cameras, create innovative designs, and provide an engaging experience. Customers trust them to provide everything best in their smartphone and to make sure all features are useful.

Security System

The iPhone is the best security smartphone when it comes to security. As Android is an open-source operating system that can be accessed by anyone, Android phones are easy to access but IOS is not. Here’s a fact: once a burglar’s iPhones was requested to unlock by the police to apple, but Apple refused to unlock the device due to its policy of privacy. This high level of security has made iPhones the preferred choice of celebrities, businessmen, politicians and most tech enthusiasts.


Apple’s iPhone also has a powerful performance. The chipsets used by Apple are manufactured in-house. In any smartphone or tablet, the Apple A-series processors are the most powerful chipsets. Even Apple’s entry-level macbook and Windows laptop are faster than those with A-series processors. A 14-nanometer Intel chipset was announced by Apple. To experience lag free performance, gamers, streamers, and other users prefer android phones to iphones.

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Good Cameras

There are many advantages to Apple’s camera phone. In addition to taking the best video on any smartphone, they also take the best pictures. Most people are also partial to the color tone of iPhone photos which I like personally. iPhone cameras are ideal for content creators. With iPhones, you can easily switch between different lenses and record videos in high resolution.

Why iPhone is the Most Sold Smartphone Every year

User Experience

Small matters like IP certification, user-friendly design, and wireless charging are important to Apple. It has IP certification even if it costs $400. The iPhones feature stable and reliable features that guarantee a good user experience since Apple prioritizes user experience. There are many ads and unnecessary apps pre-installed on Android phones that annoy the users and ruin their experience.

Smart Marketing

High end $1100 phones are not as popular as Apple’s lower price segment phones. Due to cheaper prices, this is the primary reason. The $1100 iPhone cannot be afforded by everyone. Apple did the same by eliminating the telephoto lens, lowering the display’s resolution and making the design slightly less expensive. Apple used their latest chipset and used 3 years design to lower the price of iPhone SE.

In conclusion, these five reasons explain why iPhones are the most popular smartphones every year. Your thoughts on lower pricing and Apple’s strategy to sell more iPhones. Comment below to let me know what you think.


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