Which Network Boost Mobile Uses GSM or CDMA?

Mobile phones are now part of our everyday lives, unlike before when they were seen as a luxury. Communication, business, and online research are all commonly performed on these devices. Modern tech devices are proliferating with high-quality features that are designed to make our lives easier and more enjoyable. In response to an increase in these devices, the number of carriers offering cellular services has increased. The fees charged by some carriers are higher than those charged by others.

As a provider of prepaid phones and low monthly bills, Boost Mobile is guaranteed to provide value for your money. You can also stream HD video and unlimited music here. The purpose of this article is to explain what GSM and CDMA means to Boost Mobile.

Is Boost Mobile GSM or CDMA?

Boost Mobile, the company that owns it, runs on Sprint’s CDMA network. Due to this, this carrier does not offer GSM services. Coding Division Multiple Access is the abbreviation for CDMA. GSM stands for the Global System for Mobile Communications.

Mobile phone users in Europe and other parts of the world use this digital mobile network widely. Data and cellular services are normally available on this network. You will not need to use SIM cards on Boost mobile, as opposed to a carrier that runs on the GSM network. As a result, this carrier requires CDMA-compatible phones.

How To Check My Boost Mobile is CDMA or GSM?

Boost Mobile cell phones are either CDMA or GSM based on the settings of the phone under ‘About’. Your phone is compatible with a CDMA network if there is an MEID or ESN category.

IMEI however indicates GSM. Then your phone can support CDMA and GSM, as you can see both in the details. It is up to you to choose whether you want to use one or both of these technologies.

Can I Use an Unlocked Cell Phone For Boost Mobile?

Yes. The flexibility of the mobile plans offered by Boost Mobile causes most customers to choose this carrier, so now you can use your unlocked device with this carrier. Boost Mobile accepts unlocking devices from carriers, so you can bring your device to us after it is unlocked.

Your SIM card for Boost Mobile will be inserted into your gadget and then activated on the new Boost Mobile network. Boost Mobile only supports unlocked Nextel and Boost Mobile phones.

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What Phones are Compatible With Boost Mobile?

  • Apple iPhone 12 Series
  • Moto G Fast
  • LG Stylo 6
  • LG Realm
  • Apple iPhone SE
  • Samsung Galaxy S20 FE
  • Samsung Galaxy A11
  • LG Volt
  • LG Optimus f7

Advantages of Choosing Boost Mobile Over Other Carriers

  1. First of all, the network coverage of this carrier is excellent. Depending on your location, you can enjoy access both to 3G and 4G mobile networks. While we speak, Sprint is now working feverishly to expand its nationwide 4G and LTE network. With their expanding network, you can rely on fast data speeds as well.
  2. The good thing about using this carrier is that you will not have to sign a contract.  Due to this, Boost Mobile does not require an annual contract. It is here that you can choose which service you want to pay for and move on if you so wish. The carrier has no hold over you whatsoever. Due to the lack of annual contracts and early termination fees, you can save more.
  3. Additionally, it offers more affordable plans than other carriers. Additionally, the limited time offer includes additional data. It is possible to enjoy 1GB of data without any contract for as low as $10. With this carrier’s affordable plans, you can enjoy the following plans:
  4. Plans starting at $15/month for 2GB
  5. $25 for 5GB of data
  6. The $10/35 plan includes 10GB

Caps are included with all of the plans above. A $50/month plan is available for heavy internet users. Our high-speed data allowance is increased to 2.5 GB so you can enjoy unlimited texts, calls, and data. You’ll experience internet speeds as low as 2G once you exceed this limit.

  • You can also opt for the $60/month plan, which gives you unlimited talk, text, and data. Rather than the usual 2.5GB data allowance, 5GB will be allocated. A plan like this is great for those who need a lot of data back home.  In general, you can choose the health plan that best meets your needs based on the budget you have.
  • Finally, the customer service team at Boost Mobile is exceptional. It is easy to reach this carrier if you have a question, an issue, or need any of its services at 1-866-402-7366. Additionally, you can use the live chat feature. The customer service team will answer all of your questions.


In addition to having affordable data plans, Boost Mobile is known for its superior customer service. Most people choose this provider to cut down on their cell phone bills. The T-Mobile network is now available to Boost Mobile, which means its map of coverage is better than ever. You can easily use the services of this carrier if you have a CMDA compatible phone. The best part is that you can unlock your phone and take advantage of the benefits it offers. Get more value from your hard-earned money by choosing Boost Mobile today.

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