WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram Are Facing A Global Outage Right Now!

Can’t send WhatsApp messages or see what’s new on Instagram or Facebook? You’re not alone, to be sure. Facebook and all of its other social media firms, including Instagram and WhatsApp, are currently experiencing severe outages.

Reports of Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp being down around the world have filled Downdetector and Twitter. When trying to access Facebook or Instagram on a desktop, you may receive an error notice that says “This site cannot be reached.” In the figure below, you can notice the increase in the number of error reports on Downdetector:

Facebook and WhatsApp have been made aware of the outage and are looking into it. The official tweets from WhatsApp and Facebook Communications chief Andy Stone are linked below. Facebook has also tweeted that it is striving to return the service to normal “as soon as possible.”

So there’s no need to be concerned because Facebook and its owned social media networks should be back up and running in no time. We’ll keep you updated as soon as the Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp connectivity issues are rectified. Even Facebook Messenger and Oculus are reported to be down.

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