Features of android Pie

Android 9.0 Pie has several great new features you should know about.

New Features of Pie OS

-In contrast to Android Pie, One UI has several major changes.

 One UI

-You can focus on what matters by reorganizing the content, settings, and other information.

-It’s now easier to reach interactive elements since they’re at the bottom of the screen.

-The Night mode helps keep your eyes comfortable, thanks to new designs and features.


-The notification panel allows you to reply directly to messages.

-Message notifications now include images as thumbnails.

-Turn on or off all the notifications in a category in an app’s notification settings by tapping the switch once. 

What Are The Features Of Android Pie?


-Emojis have been added to Unicode 11.0.

-Based on the color of the current app, the adaptive theme automatically changes the look of your keyboard.

-All apps now include a floating keyboard with new transparency and size settings.

-Touch and hold delays can be customized. 

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 Always On Display

-The clock can now be paired with a calendar to show your schedule.

-It now displays the remaining charge time until the battery is fully charged.

-When the screen is off, you can show the Always On Display, or you can set it to show for 30 seconds whenever the screen is tapped. 


-A reorganized menu makes it easier to locate settings. DeX from Samsung

-Utilize your phone while the DeX application is running on a monitor or television.

-Supported HDMI adapters allow Samsung DeX to be used. DeX stations are not required.


– Bixby has been upgraded with new features and improvements.

-Bixby users can swipe left from the main screen to learn about the newest features and available apps.

-If a button is pressed or double pressed, you can decide what happens. 


-It is now possible to sort your call history by incoming and outgoing calls.

-It now allows you to store up to 2000 entries in your call history (up from 500 entries). 


-By enhancing the drawer menu, you can now manage various accounts’ contacts more easily. 


-A new camera feature automatically adjusts the color settings to fit the scenes. 


-You can now edit and touch up your photos without ever leaving Photo Editor Pro. 

 My Files

-In addition, the new storage analysis tool will allow you to monitor how much storage you are using and reduce it.

-Your My Files Home screen can now display or hide items.

  Samsung Health

-In your notification panel, you will be able to see your daily step count. Hiding it is as easy as holding the notification and turning off Current steps.

 Other improvements and changes

-With a lift to wake feature, you’ll be able to wake up your phone every time you pick it up.

-On the quick panel, you can access Kids Home.

-This service is no longer available.

-The HEIF image format is now supported


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