What Are the Best Verizon iPhone Deals for Existing Customers

Are you a Verizon subscriber who is sick of your old smartphone, needs an update, or needs multiple devices? If that’s the case, there are Verizon iphone discounts for existing customers that might help you obtain your new handset faster and for less money. The finest Verizon bargains go to new customers, but most packages are available to existing Verizon customers as well.

Existing customers, on the other hand, may not receive a significant discount, but they are eligible for excellent upgrade packages. Additionally, both new and existing Verizon customers can take advantage of Verizon tablet offers. This post focuses on the greatest Verizon iPhone discounts, which can save you up to 50% on your cell phone bill or provide you with a free smartphone.

Most crucially, customers must purchase cell phones using their monthly payment plans, sign up for new cellular plans, switch carriers, or trade in their devices in order to qualify for Verizon discounts. This list will provide you with all of the latest iPhone 11 deals, iPhone 12 deals, iPhone 12 mini deals, and iPhone 12 Pro max offers if you are an Apple die-hard.

How Do You Choose iPhone Deals?

When it comes to Verizon phone discounts for existing customers, you need to know exactly what you’re getting into. Essentially, you must meet certain criteria to qualify for most of Verizon’s offers. The following are some of the most commonly used eligibility criteria:

  • You must port your number from another carrier if you are a new customer.
  • If you don’t use a lot of data, some phone packages force you to sign up for an unlimited plan, which is unnecessary.
  • To get the full discount, you must pay for the phone in monthly installments for 12-24 months.
  • Verizon iPhone Deals for Existing Customers

Trade-Ins Verizon Deals

Verizon Wireless occasionally offers trade-in packages that require you to trade in an old phone in exchange for a discount on a new one. These trade-in bargains, however, have important details, and you can’t just bring in any old phone.

As a result, your trade-in phone should be:

  • Free from scratches and screen cracks damage
  • In good working condition
  • Relatively new android or an iPhone

What Network Does Verizon Use?

Verizon is one of the largest carriers in the United States, and its services and coverage are among the best. Furthermore, it has the largest number of subscribers in the country. Verizon has the most robust network in the United States, with much more coverage than T-Mobile and AT&T.

Verizon has a CDMA network, and the majority of smartphones released in the last several years are interoperable with either GSM or CDMA carriers. Verizon phones, interestingly, are unlocked by default, allowing you to use them on another carrier with ease. Before switching, be sure to double-check with your carrier.

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Reasons For Choosing Verizon Compatible Phones

Verizon is one of the most well-known and dependable networks in the United States. This corporation has a large customer base and the most extensive nationwide 5G network, which covers over 2,700 cities. It also has a large assortment of cell phones and plans, among other things.

To use Verizon services, you must have a phone that is Verizon compatible. You can get one by purchasing a phone from Verizon or by using Verizon’s “Bring Your Own Phone” option using an existing phone or one purchased elsewhere. If you choose with the latter option, you’ll need to double-check compatibility.

If you want to join the Verizon network, you can do so through the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program. If you are switching from another carrier, you must activate a Verizon Wireless compatible unlocked phone on a monthly basis and guarantee that your handset is unlocked.

Verizon Cell Phone Plans

Verizon offers a variety of data plans with varying data allotments, texts, and phone calls. Before you choose a bundle, you’ll need to figure out how much data you use each month. You can get this information from your current provider or look at your old invoices to see what’s been going on in the last few months. You must be aware of your requirements, since an unlimited plan may not be suitable if you use less data every month.

Furthermore, the different tiers of Verizon’s Unlimited plans allow you to accomplish more with your unlimited data, voice, and text. Verizon’s low-income internet helps lifeline recipients stay connected without worrying about monthly cell phone expenses.

Apple Music and the new Discovery+ streaming service are included in the unlimited subscriptions for at least six months. Additionally, the Start and Do More programs include six months of Disney+.

Verizon iPhone Deals for Existing Customers

1) Apple iPhone 11

At Verizon, you can get an iPhone 11 for free with a new unlimited data plan and no trade-in. This offer requires that you set up a new line with an unlimited data plan. Surprisingly, no trade-ins are required to receive this smartphone for free. This price was only available on the older iPhone XR or SE models, so it’s a $699 savings that you shouldn’t pass up.

2) Apple iPhone 12

You have two options for getting this deal: buy one and receive one free, or trade in your current device. You can save $700 on the second phone if you buy the first outright and the second on a 24-month unlimited plan. With a trade-in and new plan, you can save up to $1,200. Existing customers can get that low-cost second device and upgrade for up to $440 off with an acceptable trade-in.

3) Apple iPhone 12 Mini

The iPhone 12 Mini is a smaller flagship handset that is just as powerful as its predecessors while also being less expensive. You may check out this sizzling bargain, which is available to both new and existing clients, with the possibility of a free device for the new customer.

Customers can obtain a second device for free when they buy the first one outright and sign up for a new unlimited plan. A trade-in and new unlimited plan can save you up to $1,200. With an approved trade-in, you can save up to $440 on improvements.

4) Apple iPhone 12 Pro

You can save up to $1,200 with a trade-in and a new plan if you buy one and get $700 off the second. The iPhone 12 Pro is one of Verizon’s most expensive plans.

Existing and new customers can get $700 off a second device when they buy the first one with a new plan, or you can trade in for a rebate on a single device. Existing customers can upgrade and save up to $440 with a qualified trade-in, while new customers will save more.

5) Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max

The Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max is the most powerful, feature-rich, and expensive of the four 12-series iPhones. You can save up to $1,200 with a trade-in and a new plan, or you can buy one gadget outright and get $700 off the second. If you want the best iPhone device, there is no better option than the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

If you’re a new client trading in and transferring over from another carrier, you may save a whopping $1,200 on that amount. When you buy the first item outright with a new plan, new and current customers can get a substantial discount on a second device. With an acceptable trade-in, you can save up to $440 on an upgrade.

6) iPhone 11 Pro

The iPhone 11 Pro is one of the current Verizon deals, and you can get it for just $8 per month when you open a new line with an Unlimited plan. This is one of the most affordable iPhone discounts you’ll find from Apple’s previous flagship.

7) iPhone SE

To get the aforementioned deal for free, you must sign up for a new Verizon service line with an unlimited plan. The iPhone SE is one of the most cost-effective iPhone models available right now. Furthermore, if you make your purchase online, you will enjoy a 50% discount on your activation charge.

8) iPhone XR

The iPhone XR is a good option for those looking for a low-cost iPhone. When you transfer a new line into Verizon, you’ll get the iPhone XR for free right now. This is one of the best cheap iPhone offers ever seen, with a savings of $499.


Verizon Wireless is making available the most up-to-date technologies in order to embrace the 5G cellular network. As a result, existing customers can get the best offers on iPhones, either at a reduced price or for free.

When you trade in a qualified device, you can also obtain an upgrade iDevice for free. This page contains the most recent bargains offered by this prominent US carrier, so take advantage of them while supplies last.

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