Vivo patents pyramid-like pop-up camera mechanism for “superzoom” effect

With a history of bringing innovative ideas to smartphones, Vivo has a reputation for producing powerful devices. A fingerprint scanner on the display, a gimbal-stabilized camera, pop-up cameras, and more were all firsts for this brand. The company is now developing smartphones with a high-multiple zoom mechanism that looks like a pyramid.

Vivo patents “high-multiple zoom” pop-up camera

Vivo’s latest innovation was first reported by LetsGoDigitial. An article reports that the company has already applied for a patent at WIPO on the new “Camera module, electronic device and camera module control method.” The patent states the product will allow for high-multiple zooms, which is not possible in today’s phones.

Pyramid-like structure

The technology is also conceptualized in multiple images. A pyramid-like structure, featuring four lenses stacked on top of each other, can be seen in these images. 

The lenses on this phone face the rear rather than the pop-up ones we’ve seen yet. A wide range of optical zoom is possible here because multiple lenses overlap with each other.

Vivo high multiple pop up zoom patetnt images

While there is no indication of what magnifying factor the structure will have, the patent does state that it will be greater than what smartphones today are able to achieve.

Over time, smartphones have become more capable by adding more cameras to the back. Therefore, a pull-down mechanism can keep a rear panel clean.

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Problem with pop-up cameras

With any pop-up mechanism, however, durability is an issue. With time, moving components such as motors that power pop-up cameras deteriorate. As well as putting stress on the battery, they also drain it. Having notch and punch-hole cutouts for front-facing cameras is one reason the industry quickly resorted to them.

The deal with these crazy smartphone ideas

The multiple high zoom cameras on Vivo’s pop-up smartphones are currently patent-limited. It’s no secret that smartphone manufacturers often file patents for their new ideas. There is a high probability that very few of these patents will reach the prototype stage. There are even fewer that make it to the market.

Vivo High Multiple Zooms

Consider the case of Vivo. A detachable smartphone camera for drones was reported to be in the works earlier. However, there has been no progress since then.

Vivo high-multiple zooms: Gimmicky at best?

In conclusion, some of the “crazy ideas” that have been implemented into actual products have more been marketing gimmicks than practical solutions. At this point, we’re not sure what to make of Vivo’s patent for high-multiple zooms.


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