Tracfone at Family Dollar Offer Everything in One Place

Tracfone has long been a reliable call service, particularly for low-cost prepaid plans. Tracfone has also included a number of handsets that are compatible with the company’s renowned prepaid service. Customers can buy minutes and utilize them on the phone using their phone and call service. Tracfone is a well-known prepaid phone service that offers everything you need. This Tracfone will work with a variety of other smartphones. Family Dollar is the nation’s fastest-growing retail chain, and it sells a variety of phones, including Tracfone.

Whether you live in a city or a rural location, Family Dollar Store guarantees that Tracfone will be delivered quickly and without fuss. They even provide significant discounts or coupons for their loyal consumers on occasion. Take a look below because we’re going to introduce you to some fairly fantastic Tracfone prepaid services that you can get at the family dollar.

All of your Tracfone-related questions and concerns can be answered at Family Dollar. Hopefully, this article will assist you in choosing a smartphone model or a normal cell phone on the Tracfone network that meets your needs.

What Do The Tracfone At Family Dollar Offer?

Tracfone is one of those prepaid cell phone companies that seems to have been around for a long time. Is it, nevertheless, appropriate for you? Well, this article will assist you in your search. In addition, Family Dollar is now offering some of Tracfone’s greatest models of phones and cell phone cards, which are packed with amazing features. It enables users to use prepaid no-contract smartphones as well as traditional prepaid cell phones. Tracfone has the most trustworthy and reliable network coverage in the prepaid no-contract cellular phone sector. They also have minute bundle cards and basic phone cards available. They have proudly dominated the prepaid phone market since 1996.

It is the cheapest no-contract package for conventional cell phones and smartphones among all network providers. Tracfone offers the most cost-effective plans for light, moderate, and high cell phone usage. Family Dollar customers now have the opportunity to replace their devices with Tracfone-based phones. Family Dollar is a high-end website that now has a wide range of device possibilities. Tracfone prepaid phones are the most cost-effective alternative among them. This is an excellent solution for people who do not want to overspend on their mobile phone billing services. Tracfone has grown in popularity in recent years as a result of its extremely low prices and extensive flexibility.

Why Tracfone Popular at Family Dollar?

It’s amazing that Tracfone and its brands still have millions of users who utilize prepaid cell phones. Tracfone has been the top network provider for years, and it controls a number of mobile virtual network operators, including Simple Wireless, Page Plus Cellular, Net10, Straight Talk, and Total Wireless. Tracfone provides both airtime and mobile phones. Prepaid Tracfone phones provide the convenience of a contract plan without the commitment. Now we’ll go through each of those components in greater depth to see how Tracfone works:

No commitment

A Tracfone’s most notable feature is that it comes with contracts. Many cell phone companies compel their clients to sign two-year contracts that are inconvenient for them. People are increasingly switching to Tracfone’s prepaid plans. Customers can now be completely free of network provider commitments. Also, don’t penalize customers who don’t use their phones. Customers can choose between a Tracfone phone and a Tracfone plan, or they can choose the phone and plan independently.

Minutes monitoring

Tracfone, like other premium cell phone service companies, allows consumers to track how many minutes they have used. It also provides long-term service and data plans. Some plans, such as call records, used minute bundles, and SMS, can be monitored straight from the user’s service plan. Data and SMS cards from Tracfone are now available to make phone calls more convenient and flexible.


Tracfone’s newest feature is called “Double Minutes for Life.” Customers can now select from a variety of DMFL products. They can also buy DMFL cards through the Tracfone website and Family Dollar. If a consumer applies for the DMFL, he or she will receive twice as many minutes as they paid for. The most remarkable thing is that Tracfone pre-installed with DMFL and DMFL cards are both the same price.


Customers who use Tracfone can take advantage of rollover perks. Customers who use the rollover feature get all of their unused minutes carried over to the next month. Rollover is one of the primary characteristics that sets Tracfone apart from other prepaid cell phone providers. As a result, this attribute distinguishes it as unique and adaptable.

No Hidden Fees

It’s noted for its no-contract plans as well as its no-hidden-fees feature. Many cell phone service companies need customers to pay a fee in order to use their plans. Sprint, AT&T, and T-Mobile all advertise themselves as being different and unique. They also impose costs for disconnecting and reconnecting early. Customers of Tracfone only have to pay for the first month of service. Tracfone is an economical alternative in terms of fees.

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Best 3 Tracfone Phones at Family Dollar

Tracfone is a dependable network provider that promises to bring people closer together. Finding good phone service without having to pay a lot of money each month is something that everyone wishes for. A variety of Tracfone phones are offered at Family Dollar. For our readers, we recommend the top three.

1. Tracfone BLU View 1 – Prepaid Smartphone

As our first recent recommendation, we’d like to introduce Tracfone BLU View 1. Customers can use it for long days because to its superior features and cost-effective plans. Without activation fees, contracts, or monthly costs, Tracfone provides countrywide network coverage. This phone has a battery-friendly quad-core processor that allows for extended and crisp conversations.

Tracfone at Family Dollar

To see and scroll the screen properly, there is a 5.5″ display with touchscreen capabilities. The phone has an internal memory of 16GB and 2GB of RAM, which is ideal for storing big amounts of data, photographs, and videos. The Quick Start Guide will help users quickly learn all of the operations and systems.

The 5MP Front-Facing Selfie Camera is ideal for taking crisp and polished selfies. For external memory, a 4GB to 32GB memory card can be used. The box includes a charger, Services Guide, detachable battery, quick start guide, and activation card. The best thing is that users can start with $20 per month for Unlimited Talk, Text, and Data plans.

2. Tracfone Alcatel Flip Phone

This Tracfone cell phone is ideal for those who want a small phone with a flexible service package. It is ideal for everyday usage because to its long battery life and dual display capabilities. Customers can use this simple flip phone for texting, image messaging, and web browsing. Flip Phone customers can choose and enjoy their preferred no-contract plan with Tracfone Alcatel.

Tracfone Alcatel Flip Phone

It will be straightforward and easy if I have to convey all of the characteristics in two words. It has an easy-to-use UI and a comfortable keyboard for quick dialing and navigation. Customers can use many programs at the same time with quad-core processors. Its small size makes it very convenient to carry in one’s pocket or backpack.

It is productive and long-lasting since it has all of the necessary elements. Users may have hours of lag-free and crisp phone calls because to the long-lasting battery. This basic phone eliminates the need to rush to the phone charger every couple of hours. The Tracfone Alcatel Flip Phone may be used for the entire day on a single charge.

3. Tracfone Motorola moto e6 – Prepaid Smartphone

The Motorola moto e6 from Tracfone is the next Tracfone device that I suggest. Tracfone uses this strategy to make a single promise with several advantages. This prepaid phone has the best network coverage as well as limitless carryover. The family dollar is currently offering a one-time opportunity to get this prepaid smartphone with all of the premium service plan’s features.

Tracfone Motorola moto e6 – Prepaid Smartphone

Customers can see crystal clear visions of every image and video thanks to the 5.5-inch Max Vision HD+ display and 13-megapixel camera. These characteristics make it an ideal phone for uploading and accessing social media. If you enjoy taking pictures or selfies, the Tracfone Motorola moto e6 is the best phone for you. Its high-resolution camera improves the quality of every selfie taken with this phone.

The Motorola moto e6 from Tracfone is an excellent gadget to use all day long on a single battery. Users will be able to use all of the features and functions of this smartphone for the entire day without experiencing any lag. Customers can store photographs, data, and videos on the 16 GB internal storage. On the other side, it is a cost-effective alternative that includes 4G LTE and Wi-Fi connectivity.

Tracfone Cell Phone SIM Kit at Family Dollar

Tracfone Keep Your Own Smartphone SIM Kit

For today’s clients, a smartphone is a must-have. This low-cost SIM kit for smartphones is now available at Family Dollar. Users of 4G/4G LTE, Android, or any other smartphone can use this SIM Kit with no reservations. It’s also known as the most dependable 4G LTE network in the United States.

Tracfone Keep Your Own Smartphone SIM Kit

All Tracfone Airtime Service Plans are compatible with this SIM kit. As long as the customer’s service is operational, they can add data plans. Though GSM LTE capable phones are not compatible with Tracfone, customers can do so with this SIM kit. Sim cards in nano, micro, and standard sizes are included in this KIT.

To activate the sim card, make sure it is the correct size for your smartphone. In less than a minute, a user could insert a SIM card into a smartphone. In addition, the SIM kit’s plan subscription is simple and adaptable. Overall, it’s a one-stop shop for unlocked phone owners.

Tracfone Air Time, Data & Text Plan at Family Dollar

Tracfone service plans, data plans, and airtime cards are all available through family Dollar. We’ll go over some of the Family Dollar airtime and text options.

1. Tracfone Data-Only Plan – 1 GB Data

Tracfone has evolved into a reliable network operator with strong coverage. A 1GB data pack is included with this service plan. It is one of the best plans for Android and BYOP Smartphone customers. After purchasing a service plan, a PIN will be sent to the email address provided. Customers can activate the plan with the aid of this PIN.

Tracfone Air Time Data Text Plan at Family Dollar

It is a well-known and inexpensive airtime card. Customers can purchase 4G LTE service airtime cards for only $10.00. You can also activate this plan by contacting Family Dollar’s customer service department. They will provide you with accurate information regarding plan activation.

This plan is ideal for students and others on a tight budget who want to browse the internet on a frequent basis. If a person does not use the complete plan, he or she can use the next month. Tracfone subscribers and customers can also take advantage of exclusive savings at major retailers and restaurants.

2. Tracfone 90 Days Basic Phone Plan – 120 Minutes

Tracfone, like another leading no-contract prepaid phone service provider, offers clients the best regular cell phone plan. In addition, when compared to smartphones, Tracfone offers more affordable plans for basic honing. At $29.99, you may get 120 minutes for the price of 90.
Customers may get 90 days of talk, text, and data service with unlimited carryover with this Airtime Plan. This minute plan allows you to call more than 100 international destinations. Its countrywide reach makes it extremely convenient and adaptable.

Tracfone 90 Days Basic Phone Plan

You can now get this minute card from Family Dollar while sitting at home. A unique PIN is issued on the back of the plan card to activate the service plan. One Tracfone compatible phone or Tracfone SIM Kit is required to use this plan.

3. Tracfone Text-Only Plan – 1,000 Texts

Every customer gets 1000 Text Messages with this service card. This Add-on package is appropriate for Tracfone compatible phones and SIM kits. It can only be used for text messages. So, for $5, anyone who merely wants a text plan can get it. It’s important to note that this plan is solely for Smartphone users.

Tracfone Text Only Plan 1000

Once you’ve completed your order, Tracfone will send you an actual card. The card also has no expiration date. Customers do not have to be concerned about the expiration date or duration. Hundreds of cards can be purchased at once.

This card can also be used to supplement an existing plan. Overall, this card is an excellent method to supplement your strategy with supplementary texts. It’s also popular among smartphone users because to its low pricing and big variety of texting options.

4. Tracfone 400 minute 1yr 99.99

Tracfone 400 minutes is another low-cost airtime card available at Family Dollar. The customer can acquire 400 minutes with this card, which has a one-year validity. The package for 400 minutes of airtime is $99. It is America’s #1 Prepaid Cell Phone Network Service Plan due to its reasonable talk time and cost.

Tracfone 400 minute 1yr 99.99

Due to the one-year validity, two or three cards can be purchased at once. If a customer is already a Tracfones subscriber, adding this airtime card is simple. This plastic card comes with a scratch-off code. After adding minutes to the phone, the 1-year extension’s validity is updated.

Customers do not have to pay any additional fees to activate this plan. It’s a no-contract plan with a low monthly fee. It’s a wonderful offer for emergency scenarios due to its speedy activation. The best aspect is that users will receive automated minutes on their Tracfone every month following enrollment.

5. Tracfone No-Contract Plan – 1GB Data Plus Unlimited Talk and Text

Tracfone’s “1GB Data + Unlimited Talk and Text plan” is another economical alternative for smartphone users. It is the most recent Tracfone airtime card service plan that comes at a low cost. Customers may receive unlimited talk, text, and 1GB of data with this package, which has a 30-day validity period.

Tracfone No Contract Plan 1GB Data Plus Unlimited Talk and

After surpassing the validity, unused carryover can also be utilised. The consumer will receive a confirmation email from Family Dollar after purchasing the plan. Following that, the user will receive an email with a PIN that must be entered to activate the plan.

After the card is activated, pins are normally supplied to the customer within a minute. Customers will also have a 4G LTE speed network for only $20. This airtime card, in my opinion, is the greatest service package for smartphone users.

6. Tracfone No-Contract Plan – 2GB Data Plus Unlimited Talk and Text

In the market, a no-contract plan is always in demand. This service package will come out on top in terms of pricing and web data. Students will benefit from Tracfone’s $25 smartphone package, which includes unlimited talk, text, and 2GB of data. There is no other plan that is as wonderful as it is if one is looking for a flexible plan at a low price with premium network coverage.

Tracfone No Contract Plan 2GB Data Plus Unlimited Talk and

This regular smartphone plan is valid for 30 days. The major features of this smartphone plan are rollover and unlimited carryover.

Unused minutes and texts are carried over to the following month. Long conversations can be had without interruption because to limitless text and phone calls. This plan is for those who are on a tight budget and don’t consume a lot of data. Additionally, if you run out of data or minutes before the validity period expires, you can purchase additional data at any moment.

7. Tracfone No-Contract Plan – 3GB Data Plus Unlimited Talk and Text

Tracfone grows in popularity and overtakes the network as a result of its low-cost, no-contract cell phone options. The Tracfone $30 smartphone plan is the next airtime card I recommend. Unlimited call, text, and 3GB of data are included in this smartphone package. It’s also a 30-day plan with no limit on carryover.

Tracfone No Contract Plan 3GB Data Plus Unlimited Talk and

We frequently look for low-cost smartphone plans in order to have longer conversations. Tracfone’s smartphone plans are all tailored to individuals with a low to moderate budget. Within 6 months of validity, you can use all unused data and minutes.

A user can also call 100 international destinations with this smartphone package. Customers can use all unused data, minutes, and text as long as your service is operational. This plan is ideal for those who cannot afford a more expensive smartphone plan.

8. Tracfone 450 minute 79.99

We all desire a plan that gives us a lot of minutes for a low price. Tracfone currently has a plan that is suited for those looking for a minute bundle plan. The $79.99 smartphone plan includes 450 text, talk, and online minutes with a 90-day validity period.

Tracfone 450 minute 79.99

If all minutes are completed within 90 days, unused minutes can be used in the next month. By providing strong network coverage and a rollover option, it becomes America’s number one network service. It, too, activates via email configuration, just like other airtime cards.

Everyone should buy numerous cards at once, in my opinion. If one intends to stay connected with Tracfone for an extended period of time, it is preferable to purchase many service plan cards at once. It provides a high amount of minutes and text at a low price when compared to other options.

9. Tracfone 30 Days Smartphone Plan – 500MB Data

Premium offerings are always included with 30-day smartphone plans. Tracfone 30 Days Smartphone Plan includes 500 MB of data, 200 minutes of service, and 500 SMS. Only smartphones and Android phones are compatible with this plan. If a person purchases $15 Smartphone Cards, he or she will receive 500 minutes of talk time, 500 SMS, and 500MB of data, as well as 30 days of service.

Tracfone 30 Days Smartphone Plan 500MB Data

Customers using Tracfone data subscriptions can upload and download everything available on the internet. With this smartphone plan, you can download several data files and music files without interruption. Customers can utilize their current phone with this package.

The service plan will expire 30 days after it is activated. It gives top-notch performance of clients’ preferred network service with high-quality cellular service. With this successful method, 15 hours of social networking can be used. Checking Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and other social media platforms, for example.

10. Tracfone 90 Days Basic Phone Plan – 60 Minutes

The 90 Days Basic Phone Plan is one of the cheapest smartphone plans available. If you examine the current market closely, you will discover that it is the most affordable basic phone plan with no contract feature. For $19.99, you can get 60 minutes of talk and text time.

Tracfone at Family Dollar

A customer can also acquire a double and triple plan using the plan. If all of the data and minutes are completed within 90 days, the plan allows for the addition of further data and minutes. Under this cost-effective basic phone plan, unused data and minutes are rolled over to the next month.

This basic phone plan comes with email delivery as an option. It supplied enormous quantities of a minute at ridiculously low pricing as compared to other market alternatives. It activates via email delivery and PINs, same like other basic phone contracts.

11. Tracfone 200 minute 39.99

Tracfone is one of the few wireless providers that still provides tiered data, and its airtime cards provide a discount on most data and minutes. Students and low-data users can save money with the Tracfone 200 Minute Plan. It delivers the finest service as a basic phone card. It can also be used to add plans and minutes to existing mobile phone accounts.

Tracfone 200 minute 39.99

On a 90-day plan, Tracfone’s $39.99 plan includes 200 minutes of talk, text, and data. Users receive a confirmation and activation email after making a purchase. Because the PIN is not a physical card, it will be mailed to the user’s email address.

Family Dollar will not be held liable if a user loses their Tracfone air time PIN. As a result, as a user, you must exercise extreme caution in this regard. This plan is simple to set up, and Family Dollars provides excellent customer service. In comparison to other expensive commitment plans, it is the only idle alternative.

Things To Know Before You Sign Up For Tracfone Wireless

Tracfone is a major player in the world of low-cost cell phone plans. Tracfone offers clients low-cost cell phones and no-contract service options without any yearly, monthly, or additional fees. However, users should examine the following aspects before purchasing Tracfone cell phones and airtime/service cards.

Network Coverage

Tracfone is a powerful mobile virtual network operator with ties to four major network providers. If you wish to sign up for Tracfone wireless, make sure your phone is Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, or Sprint compatible. If you’re already a Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, or Sprint customer, there’s a good chance you won’t need to change your phone, number, or network.

Pricing and plans

Tracfone’s most basic and popular prepaid plan costs $20 per month. Every subscriber gets unlimited talk, text, and 1GB of 4G LTE data with this package. With the $25 and $30 monthly plans, you can also get extra data. If you used high-speed data toward the end of the plan, you may add 1GB for $10. Make sure you’re eligible for all of these Tracfone plans before you start signing up.

Service features

Customers are always provided with the bare minimum of functionality by Tracfone. Rollover is arguably the most unique feature that sets it apart from other network service providers. It provides some vital functions, including as video streaming and Wi-Fi, as a low-cost carrier. As a result, Tracfone is clearly the best choice for regular call, text, and a limited quantity of data. It is not, however, a safe alternative for smartphone users.

Phone choices

Customers can use both a standard cell phone and a smartphone with Tracfone. Customers who choose to change networks prefer to keep their current devices. However, this can only happen if the customer’s phone is compatible with the Verizon, AT&T, or T-Mobile networks.


Why Tracfone?

In terms of voice time, texting, and data service, Tracfone is a relatively easy service. Tracfone is the largest and most dependable network provider in the United States. It’s aggravating to be bound by a contract. As a result, Tracfone offers phone models that do not require a commitment. Tracfone also offers a variety of affordable deals. It will not charge the user any activation or cancellation costs. To use a phone model or sim card, a user never has to pay any fees or hidden expenses. Additionally, this network allows for limitless carryover. As a result, your idle minutes, calls, and data are never wasted.

How does a Tracfone cost per month?

For smartphone and basic cell phone customers, Tracfone is a useful network service provider. It has two payment options: monthly and pay-as-you-go. Tracfone offers an unlimited talk and text service as part of its monthly plan. It’s also only compatible with Smartphones. Airtime cards are available with pay-as-you-go programs. One can save ten percent on each Air time-card. Users can even double or triple the minute plans with select specialized plans. The Tracfone carrier is the best option for smartphone customers in terms of price and plans. For $15, you get 500 minutes, 500 messages, and 500MB of data for 30 days. Tracfone plans start at $9.99 for 30 minutes on a normal phone.

What cellular carrier does Tracfone use?

Tracfone is a low-cost mobile virtual network provider (MVNO). It has ties to four major cell phone providers: Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint. Even though Tracfone does not have its own infrastructure, partnerships with these four organizations allow them to serve millions of users as a major network provider.

Is Tracfone as good as Verizon?

It’s difficult to compare Verizon and Tracfone because their services are delivered through various layers. Verizon’s network infrastructure is in place. Tracfone, on the other hand, is an MVNO that is affiliated with a major network provider. Although Verizon is the most common network service in the United States, Tracfone also offers a contract-free service that is just as popular. Whereas Tracfone’s plans are either “smartphone-only” or “basic-phone-only,” Verizon offers a variety of programs for various mobile customers. In terms of cost, Verizon’s plans are more expensive than Tracfone’s. So, if you enjoy using a smart phone, stay away from Tracfone.

What is the difference between Tracfone smartphone devices and their non-Android phone?

Tracfone’s smartphone devices are far superior to their standard phone service. The main difference between these two plans is the way they handle minutes. On a non-Android phone, a 60-minute card will buy you 60 minutes. A user can also gain 180 minutes if he activates Triple Minutes for Life. For a 60-minute card, consumers can obtain 60 minutes of calling, 60 SMS, and 60MB of data on an Android smartphone. As a result, users of smartphones can get a similar number of calling minutes (180), as well as texting and data (180 of each).

Which is better: Tracfone or Consumer Cellular?

Tracfone and consumer cellular are definitely the two greatest possibilities if you’re looking for a new cellular service plan. When it comes to picking between these two providers, though, it’s a bit of a challenge. Because both providers’ plans are nearly identical, and none offers incentives that distinguish one from the other. Both services are cost-effective and dependable. Furthermore, if we look at the network coverage, we can see that you are only receiving T-Mobile and AT&T networks. On the other hand, Tracfone gives you the option of using a Verizon network rather than a Sprint network.


Finally, all I have to say is that Tracfone is a low-cost cell phone service provider with customized cell phone plans. It is suitable for all cell phone users because to its lack of hidden fees and nationwide coverage. It is self-evident that people will flock to the most convenient network operator. It is gradually establishing itself as a dependable network supplier for families. Tracfone wireless service is ideal for people who do not use their phones frequently. Tracfone wireless plans are preferred by mostly elderly persons and light phone users. One merely has to pay for what they utilize with its prepaid services. All unused minutes and data are carried forward to the following month.

We make every effort to provide you with the most up-to-date information on Tracfone at Family Dollar, but we make no guarantees about the accuracy of this information. Because Tracfone’s plans and price considerations constantly in flux. As a result, it is preferable to conduct thorough investigation prior to any verification.

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