We use our laptop for different purpose in our daily life but one most common problem of every laptops is overheating. it is the one of the biggest problem of laptop users which we have to deal with at one point or another since our laptops gets older.

Why Does Overheating Of Laptop Happen?

The most common reason for this problem is dust and debris clogging up the laptop’s internals. Laptops gathers dusts over time while we use it because of their constant airflow for cooling it. If the fans of your laptop is running at high speed but airflow in it seems weak than its the clear sign you have to clean your laptop.

Other Causes

The another cause of overheating of laptop is defective fans because they could be partly functional and reduce airflow, may be completely dead.

Viruses, malware and other unwanted malicious software could be the other cause for overheating laptop. because they put heavy loads on the CPU or other hardware parts of laptop so it may overheat.

If you use your laptop in hot room then it may also be one reason to overheat it, so you have to maintain your room temprature too.If your laptops goes above 80-85c regularly then you have to take it to mechanic.

Solution to deal with overheating laptop

Some solutions that can help you to deal with overheating laptops are given below.

Clean The Laptop

One of the best solution for the overheating of laptop is you have to clean it properly. you have to clean the laptop inside and outside. the best way to clean the laptop at home is to blow compressed air straight into the laptop fans and vents, this may alleviate the issue for some time.

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Removing and Avoiding Malware

The one and the best way to remove malware from our computer is by using anti-virus software in our computer. you can download and install antivirus from trusted sites.

As a heads up, windows 7,8 and 10 already have a pre-installed anti virus software called windows defender.it is also one of the best defender which protects our computer for different malware.

You can use some good antivirus software from trusted sites some of them are Kaspersky, Avast, McAfee etc.

Laptop coolers

Laptop coolers provide extra cooling. You must buy a good and reliable air cooler from the market. If you buy cheaper coolers, it may be even worse for your laptop. You must have an insight into the flow of air into and out of your computer.

Check the Surface It’s On

Overheating Of Laptop

Are you a big fan of using the laptop in bed? If so, it might be causing the unit to overheat! In order to properly take in cool air and dissipate hot air, laptops need their undersides to be unobstructed.

This is fine when using it on a flat surface like a table, as the feet raise the laptop high enough to get an air flow moving. Placing a laptop on your duvet will cause it to smother your vents and stop the airflow from happening. Even worse, duvets are made to contain and trap heat, which won’t help matters at all!


So these were the tips which will help you to fix your overheating laptop.laptops are costly long terms investments, so make sure it is regularly serviced and lingering problems are not neglected.



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