How Do I Switch My Metro Phone To Another Phone

Metro by T-Mobile, formerly known as MetroPCS, is a prepaid cellphone carrier that is owned by T-Mobile. If you want to transfer your service to a new phone and need to know how to switch my metro phone to another phone, this platform can help. However, you must insert a MetroPCS SIM card and complete the MetroPCS activation process.

The T-Mobile merger is one of this carrier’s main benefits. Metro subscribers have access to the complete nationwide network as well as exceptional 5G connectivity. If you don’t reside in an area with 5G coverage, you’ll probably get a 4G connection. Surprisingly, the network spans the whole United States as well as much of southern Canada.

In addition, Metro by T-mobile offers a wide range of flagship and midrange phones to pick from. In their stores, you can get both iPhones and Android smartphones. Interestingly, you can seek a metro pcs phone replacement if your phone is lost, destroyed, or misplaced. If you want to change carriers, your phone will most likely not work with the new one because Metro phones are locked to their network.

Metro At a Glance

Metro by T-Mobile is essentially a T-Mobile service. T-Mobile Metro subscribers have access to T-4G Mobile’s LTE network, as well as free access to T-5G Mobile’s network. T-5G Mobile’s network, which covers 30.28 percent of the country, outperforms all other major providers, including AT&T and Verizon.

Metro also provides users with benefits such as free Amazon Prime and support for a variety of popular mobile devices. You opt for prepaid plans when it comes to plans. This word refers to the fact that you pay for your plans in full at the start of each month, with no credit check.

Why Would I Switch Metro Phones?

Customers can update or replace a stolen or lost device by switching the details allocated to the SIM card between devices. If you wish to switch your SIM card from one phone to another, you can do it at any time and select the finest smartphone for your needs.

Switch My Metro Phone To Another Phone

Let’s say you wish to keep your account safe while switching. A strong and difficult PIN that is constantly changed would be beneficial. If you think that someone has tampered with your account, call Metro customer service immediately at 611 from a Metro by T-Mobile phone or 1-888-8 (863-8768 from any device.

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Metro Switch Phones Process

To begin the switching procedure, you must have MetroPCS service on one phone before moving to another phone. Check to see if the phone is compatible with MetroPCS by going online. Alternatively, you may buy a MetroPCS phone online or get a cheap MetroPCS phone from Walmart.

When switching phones, however, you must have the sim card active on the new device. If you need to transfer data from your old phone to your new phone or back it up, you must follow the manufacturer’s instructions for each phone to transfer or back up data to a cloud-based system or computer. If you need assistance with this step, you can contact Metro customer service or the phone manufacturer.

Finally, make sure your old phone’s SIM card is compatible with the new phone. If the format on your old SIM card doesn’t work with your new phone, you’ll need to contact MetroPCS for a new SIM card. After you’ve installed the correct SIM card into the new phone, go to the MetroPCS activation site and select “Change/Upgrade Phone.”

Metro Phone Activation

Before you begin the activation procedure, make sure you have your phone and SIM card. If you don’t already have a Metro SIM card, you can get one from this company.

If you’ve recently purchased a SIM card but don’t yet have a Metro account, you’ll need to use the online activation tool to set up your new account. If you already have a Metro account, you can activate your new phone by calling 1-888-863-8768 or going to the nearest Metro store.

Pre-Activation Requirements

i) Phone IMEI

To complete the activation, you’ll need your phone’s IMEI and SIM card numbers.

ii) Plan Selection

There are numerous plans to pick from when using the online activation tool. During the activation procedure, you’ll be asked to select and pay for your first month.

iii) Email Address

In order to complete the activation procedure, you must enter a valid email address. This email address must be unique to the new Metro account and cannot be shared with anyone else.

Does Metro Allow Bring My Own Phone?

You can get a new local number or keep your current carrier’s number if you bring your phone from another carrier. If you bring your phone number, make sure you have the account number and pin for your existing carrier.

On the other hand, if you have a MetroPCS-compatible phone, you can insert a MetroPCS SIM card and activate it online. Additionally, validate that your phone is unlocked and compatible with your current provider. You may also use the Metro database to check compatibility by locating your IMEI or serial number and entering it.

The IMEI Number Can Get Traced In Three Ways:

  • Using your cell phone, dial *#06#.
  • The number is printed on the label under your battery if your phone has a replaceable battery.
  • Look through the phone menu options on your phone.

You quickly locate your device’s IMEI number, enter it into the Metro by T-Mobile database, and learn whether your phone is compatible or whether you need to get a new one. After you’ve unlocked your phone and confirmed that it’s compatible, you’ll need to purchase a Metro SIM card.

Once you have your SIM card, you can make the switch. You must activate your Sim and select a plan that is appropriate for you.

How Do I Upgrade My Metro Phones?

A metro pcs phone upgrade is available if you acquired a new smartphone in-store or online and wish to upgrade to a handset with more advanced capabilities. You must update within 180 days of your last new device purchase, and you must pay the full retail amount for the upgrade. Take the following steps:

  • Log in to your account at by entering your phone number as the login ID and then your password.
  • Select “upgrade device” from the drop-down menu.
  • Then choose your chosen device and add it to your shopping basket.
  • The next step is to choose a plan that meets your requirements. MetroPCS offers a 2-year contract or no commitment at all. After you’ve made your selection, click “Add to Cart.”
  • You’ll be asked to add a protection plan before logging out; do so and then touch “Continue to next step.”
  • Review anything else you might be interested in, then click “Next Step.”
  • Review your order and options before clicking “Submit.”
  • Finally, sign out and choose your delivery options before clicking “Submit.”

What Phones Does Metro Have?

Metro offers a diverse selection of cell phones to meet the demands of all customers. Samsung Galaxy, Apple iPhone, and LG Stylo are among the carrier’s most popular brands and models. Alcatel, Coolpad, ZTE, and Motorola are among the phone brands carried by this carrier.

Most essential, look for Metro pcs phone discounts for existing customers while shopping for Metro phones to acquire your phone at a significant discount. Metro now consistently offers some of the best phone bargains on the market, which begin with the brand’s prepaid service strategy. It also offers a variety of prepaid subscriptions, ranging from unrestricted access to monthly data restrictions to family plans, as well as flea markets.

How Do I Get A Good Cell Phone Deal With Metro?

Metro frequently runs special offers, such as free phones if you sign up for a new plan or move more than one phone line to a new plan. To prevent overpaying for a good deal, ask for any rolling or hidden offers. Notably, the availability of these promotions varies based on the plan you choose, and they are typically only available to new users.

Going to a store, on the other hand, is the only way to get some of the finest Metro phone offers. You may compare plans and phone models on the internet, which will save you a lot of time and effort. As a result, when you’re ready to make a purchase, you’ll already know which model you want.


If you want to switch Metro phones, you must first transfer your service from your old phone to your new one. Furthermore, your new device must be unlocked and Metro-compatible.

This change is also highly welcome under the Bring Your Own Phone program for non-Metro users who want to bring their handset and activate a Metro service.

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