Realme Launches TechLife Robot Vacuum With Smart LiDAR Technology

At a global event today, Realme announced the Realme GT 5G for global markets as well as a few IoT products. A vacuum cleaner from Realme falls into the latter category, which is the brand’s first vacuum cleaner.

TechLife Robot Vacuum

Similar to other robot vacuum cleaners on the market, the Realme TechLife Robot Vacuum has a similar design. LiDAR system comes in black with yellow accents.

The vacuum cleaner comes with 38 high-precision sensors to help with measurement and collision avoidance. By using LiDAR, your home can be smartly mapped and navigated. It states that you can store up to five maps on the device, partition and name map areas, and customize the type of cleaning you want for these areas. If you want a deeper cleaning in areas like the  kitchen, you can configure it to do so.

The vacuum cleaner has suction power up to 3000Pa with four levels of suction strength, the lowest of which is 500Pa, which is also the quietest at 55dB. To trap PM2.5 particles, there are two side brushes, a dense rolling brush, and three layers of filters.

TechLife Robot Vacuum

The Realme TechLife Robot Vacuum has not only a sweeping function, but also a mopping function with an intelligent water management system. Although the water tank isn’t included in the box, users will have to purchase it separately. The dust box holds 600mL, while the water tank holds 300mL.

Additionally, it has a real-time cleaning feature. For areas such as walls corners and carpets that are difficult to clean, Realme’s device automatically increases suction and speed. It will reduce travel speed and increase travel time at wall edges brush speed while for carpets it will reduce travel speed and increase suction speed. Virtual walls and scheduled cleaning are other features.

Alexa and Google Assistant are compatible with the vacuum cleaner. Consequently, you can add them to your IoT setup and control them with Alexa or Hey Google. It should also be possible to include it in routines.

The Realme TechLife Robot Vacuum has a 5200mAh battery that provides up to 300 minutes of cleaning time, according to Realme. When the battery is low, it  will return to the charging dock. It takes about three hours for a full charge.

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Price and Availability

€299 is the price tag for Realme TechLife Robot Vacuum. On the Realme website as well as AliExpress, it will be available for pre-order starting tomorrow. One lucky winner will be selected every day between June 16 and June 25 and will be able to purchase the vacuum cleaner at a discounted price of €199.

Realme has not revealed the price of the water tank or the cost of replacement parts like brushes and filters.

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