A new Oppo under-display camera that is “invisible”

During Oppo 2019, the UDC (under-display camera) was the first to be showcased. After two years, the technology has not matured enough to be viable for a wide range of commercial products. With Oppo’s latest technology, under-screen cameras could soon be a thing of the past since it says it solves all the problems of previous-generation cameras.

Oppo unveils next-gen under-display camera technology

Press release announcing Oppo’s newest technology for under-display cameras. A proprietary AI algorithm has been combined with the newest display hardware to create this development.

Uniform high-resolution screen

Previously, the under-screen camera had strange texture and a dip in resolution. A change in the arrangement of the pixels and the circuitry has been made by Oppo to resolve this issue.

Pixels have been reduced in size in order to maintain uniform sharpness throughout the screen. The screen above the camera can now have the same 400 PPI pixel density as the rest of the display.

1-to-1 pixel circuit

Furthermore, Oppo is now using 1-to-1 pixels instead of the industry’s standard 1-to-2 circuit. In the past, a pixel circuit could drive two pixels, but now, it can only drive one.

Oppo new 1 to 1 pixel circuit

Combining this solution with Oppo’s AI solution allows for better control of RGB color brightness within a 2% deviation.

As a result of this combination, the company says the screen will also be significantly more durable.

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New imaging technologies

Despite Oppo fixing the screen issue, enthusiasts are still skeptical of the imaging screen. In addition, high-resolution screens have a lower light transmittance, which could result in blurry selfies and glares. In order to combat these problems, Oppo has turned to US research institutes.

Oppo Under Display Camera

Diffraction will be reduced with an AI diffraction reduction model trained on thousands of images. Oppo claims that its latest under-display camera will capture clear and natural selfies thanks to its HDR and Auto White Balance algorithms.

The proposed standard for under-display camera

There are other brands working on under-display selfie camera phones besides Oppo. In order to provide standards for under-screen cameras, the company approached the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). Various key performance indicators are measured including transmittance, reflectance, uniformity, gamma correction, and color shift.

Oppo latest under-display camera: Timing of the announcement

Several brands are developing underscreen camera phones, as mentioned earlier. Thus far, ZTE has released two commercial smartphones (Axon 20 and Axon 30) that use this technology. A UDC will also be featured on Samsung’s first phone on August 11. According to reports, the upcoming Mi Mix 4 is also expected to have an invisible camera under the display.

As a result, it appears Oppo is trying to get people talking about its innovation before the Mi Mix 4 and Galaxy Z Fold 3 take the spotlight.

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