Nepal Bank Launches Credit Card Service

There is now credit card service available through Nepal Bank. The bank said the credit card service has a minimum limit of Rs 20,000 and a maximum limit of Rs 500,000.

According to the bank, the credit card service, launched in cooperation with Visa International, can be used to purchase a variety of goods and services through POS terminals, ATMs, and online systems.

This bank and affiliated Visa International banks also allow you to withdraw up to 10 percent of the approved loan limit in cash.

As the card is usable in Nepal, India, and Bhutan, it may be helpful in simplifying the payment process for the target group.

Nirmal Pradhan, a customer of the bank, was given a credit card by Madhu Kumar Marasini, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Bank.

The Chairman of the Nepal Bank said that launching the credit card service was a significant milestone in his bank’s customer service efforts in the digital era.

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