Way To Transfer Battery From One Phone To Another

It has been a long time since we all had this feature, and now we will. We have reached the end of the wait. From now on, we can transfer batteries between phones without charging them.

No matter where we go, there’s always one thing that makes us anxious: the unknown. Batteries for smartphones. These worries have now been replaced by happiness and satisfaction.

The charger can be transferred from one Samsung smartphone to another with the help of a special cable.

Developed by Samsung in 2014, this cable features a 4.7mm diameter. With the new Power Sharing Cables from Samsung, you can quickly and easily transfer batteries between Samsung Galaxy phones as well as between Samsung Gear watches and Android devices.

How To Transfer Battery From One Phone To Another

How does it work?

The Samsung Power Sharing app is available in the Playstore. With this app, you can share power easily from the battery of your smartphone to another device via the Samsung Power Sharing Cable EP-SG900.

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The character of Power Sharing Cable

Samsung devices use this Power Sharing Cable. Using either the Pause option or the Setting option, it is possible to control the amount of power to be transferred. Furthermore, you can set the maximum power your devices are allowed to have.

How to Share Battery on iPhone?

If you own an iPhone, you can share the battery with a micro USB to 8-pin or 30-pin cable.

Follow the same steps again using the power-sharing app from the Play Store. It can be downloaded and shared with friends who need a battery.


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