Here is the way to transfer balance from NTC to NTC

Since a while now, Nepal Telecom (NTC) has provided balance transfer services to its prepaid customers with GSM technology. Customer’s mobile balance can be sent in the range of Rs 10 to Rs 200 (500). Here you will find instructions on how to transfer the balance in NTC from another NTC SIM as well as how to obtain the security code.

Currently subscribers are able to directly input the balance amount in Rupees rather than paisas (anciently), so for example, you can directly input 10 for a Rs 10 transaction. A GSM prepaid number or a CDMA number can be used as the receiving number. Customers in need of balance will greatly benefit from this service.


A minimum transfer amount of Rs 10 is allowed from NTC, and a maximum transfer amount of Rs 500. You may also only send the balance 10 to 20 times a day with the balance transfer service in NTC. Nepal Telecom does not charge a fee for balance transfers. In the same way, a balance transfer will not extend the validity date of the recipient’s mobile.

How to transfer balance in NTC?

How to Transfer Balance In NTC

Balance Transfer through USSD

Here are the steps you need to follow to transfer your balance from your other Ntc number (GSM prepaid) using USSD code.

  • To get your security code, you need to have the latest update (see below).
  • You must then dial the following code: *422*security code*Phone no*Rs#, where Phone no is the receiving mobile number and Rs is the amount to be sent in rupees.
  • If you wish to send the balance to CDMA numbers (Sky numbers), you can use the same process as described above.
  • Nepal Telecom Postpaid users can also transfer balance from their prepaid numbers to Nepal Telecom Postpaid numbers.

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Balance Transfer using Nepal Telecom mobile app

It is possible to easily transfer balance in Ntc through their mobile app if you find the above method to be challenging (due to the security code and more). As stated below, no security code is required for this balance transfer method.

  • Sign in with your Nepal Telecom account in the mobile app. DOWNLOAD THE NEPAL TELECOM APP NOW (if you do not have the app yet, you will be able to use more features than in the previous version)
  • On the First page, click the Transfer Balance tab.
  • Send the amount to “Recipient Phone number”.
  • When you click “Ok,” NTC will send you an OTP (One-time password) for your mobile device.
  • Your friends or family will receive the balance transfer once you enter and validate the OTP.

Using Self-care

On NTC’s website’s self-care portal, balance transfers can also be made. By visiting the website, logging in, and clicking Transfer Balance, you can transfer funds. Once you have entered the recipient numbers and balance, you are ready to go.

Transfer from Ntc postpaid

Neither NTC prepaid nor postpaid accounts can directly be transferred from Ntc postpaid accounts. The same way you did the prepaid transfer to postpaid can be used for the postpaid balance transfer as well. By using the Ntc Gift portal, you can send data packs and voice packs to Ntc mobile (prepaid or postpaid).

How to transfer balance in Ntc from Ncell?

Ntc balance transfers from Ncell and vice versa are not possible. It is impossible to transfer the balance to another telecom operator since the balance is managed by the telecom operator locally.

Balance Transfer Problem

Occasionally, it may be difficult to transfer money to your friends or family members. A problem and a possible solution may exist.

  • We were not able to receive the security code: Click below to find out how to get it. The Nepal telecom center may be able to assist you if the issue persists.
  • Invalid MMI code or connection problem: You have probably dialed a wrong phone number. Please make sure that the balance transfer is formatted correctly!
  • The amount you want to send needs to be sufficient in your balance in order to transfer.
  • Your sim card’s validity is not increased: With a balance transfer, you will not receive a new validity period for the phone.
  • No confirmation SMS was received: There are times when you may not receive a confirmation SMS or have to wait a little longer for the confirmation. In this case, you must make sure that the numbers sent and received are balanced.

How to get the Security code in NTC?

In order to determine the security code for the message, NTC is still attempting to get the message. Customer security codes were previously obtained by visiting the NTC office.

SMS security codes are now available to customers

  • Send the text “Scode” to 1415.
  • When you receive the security code, NTC warns you not to share it with anyone. It is very risky!

Getting the security code and transferring your balance should be easy now that you know how to get it. A security code reply issue may occasionally occur (if you do not get a response or an error message).

It may be necessary for you to visit Nepal Telecom’s counter only once in that case to receive the security code and store it safely for use throughout the transfer process. By calling the NTC customer service center, you can get a wide range of services. You can send balances using NT mobile app (as mentioned above) if you have a smartphone.


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