Way To Reset Meroshare Password Easily

In Nepal, IPOs are becoming increasingly popular. Nowadays, with the advancement in mobile banking, the number of people using Mero share is increasing exponentially. Moreover, with the increase of users of Mero share, it is becoming less likely that people will forget their login password. We will guide you through the process of resetting the Mero share password in this article.

How to Reset Meroshare Password

Recent years have seen the Nepal stock market make significant strides compared to past history. It is no longer necessary for investors to stand in line for hours in order to fill out the forms, only to wait in line to get their money back. A dividend certificate and a certificate of bonus shares can also be obtained without going to the share registrar. You can easily do all these tasks from your home by spending just Rs.50 per year. The only thing you need to do is create your email address and beneficiary number for your Demat account. ‘Mero share’ is a software application developed by CDS & Clearing Limited (CDSC) that allows beneficiaries to check their share transaction information online.

Reset Mero Share Password (Global IME)

If you forget your password, simply send an email to info@gicl.com.np with the email address that is registered with Mero Share. Please include BOID in your email.

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Reset Mero Share Password (NIBL Capital)

In order to reset your online password at NIBL capital, you just need to write a letter to one of the branches of the company.

A copy of the client’s citizenship or identity card, the BOID number, the client’s name, and the client’s signature will be required.

You can reset the metro share password by filling out the NIBL Capital Mero Share Password Reset form.

Reset Mero Share Password (NIC Asia Capital)

You must be a member of NIC Asia Capital if you skipped this part. For a password reset, all you need to do is send an email to connect@nicasiacapital.com specifying the username and your Demat number.

Reset Mero share Password (NABIL Invest)

You can recover the Mero share password by filling out Nabil Invest’s Mero share password recovery form and entering the account holder’s name and BOID number.

Regenerate Mero share password of NMB Capital

Send a letter in the following format if you need the Mero share password recovered


NMB Capital Limited,

Nagpokhari, Kathmandu.

Dear Sir/ Ma’am,

I have been availing Mero share services with your company for a long time. I have forgotten my login passwords pertaining to the above-said facility. I would, therefore request you to regenerate my Password for the above-said service.

Yours faithfully,




BOID No. :


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