How to make your old Android phone run faster and better

Many people don’t upgrade their smartphones every year. Consequently, as Android phones age, they get slower, and using them gets frustrating when you’re experiencing frequent slowdowns. It may be time to upgrade to a new phone if everything on your phone is showing signs of aging, not just the performance. Those who don’t want to spend money on a new phone can speed up their old device with these tips

Tips to make your Android phone faster

Uninstall unnecessary apps

Installing more apps without removing them will eventually result in too many unnecessary apps being installed on the phone, which will start affecting its performance. Many apps just take up storage space, but others run in the background to update their content or do other tasks, thereby wasting crucial system resources you could be using for more important tasks. If you don’t use your Android apps frequently, uninstall them.

If you aren’t using any of the apps that came with your phone, you can use this time to remove or disable them. It’s possible to uninstall antivirus apps and task killers as well. Play Protect, Google’s device protection program, will provide you with more than enough protection for your Android smartphone if you’re just using the Google Play Store to download apps. You can find an article that explains whether Android phones need antivirus software here.

You don’t need to use a task manager to increase your phone’s performance since Android itself is quite clever about managing its resources. There is more harm than good done by task killers. You should basically only save apps that you really need and use.

Home-screen improvements

If your Android phone is really old, and you have a lot of widgets and live wallpapers, you might find them to be a performance limiting factor. Modern phones with relatively powerful processors won’t suffer performance degradation from live wallpapers or widgets, but older devices do not enjoy the same luxury.

How to make your old Android phone run faster and better

Remove live wallpapers or widgets from your phone’s home screen if you have too many. Other improvements you can make to your home screen include the use of a third-party launcher.

Update the phone operating system and apps

Several people don’t bother installing software updates for various reasons. That’s wrong, since updating your phone’s software is usually beneficial. As part of these software updates, manufacturers typically push out bugs fixes and improvements. It is essential you install them immediately once they are released. Check your phone for and install any available updates by going to Settings > System > Update (or software update) if no updates have been installed yet.

Keeping your apps updated is also a good idea. The sections on ‘uninstall unnecessary apps’ and ‘only leave the useful ones’ will have given you the opportunity to do just that. Make sure to keep your apps updated so you get the latest features as well as bug fixes.

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Use Go-edition or Lite apps

How to make your old Android phone run faster and better

Apps in Lite or Go-edition require less space and are also less resource-intensive than their main counterparts. As a result, you are likely to get a better app experience, especially on older hardware. While not all apps have Lite or Go editions, many big names such as Google, Facebook, and Microsoft do.

Do a factory reset

In addition to resetting your Android phone, you can also improve the performance of this device. It will give your smartphone a fresh start by removing all the unnecessary junk. Whenever you perform a factory reset, ensure that all important data is backed up.

You should also be aware that a factory reset will restore your phone’s bloatware. Remove any unnecessary apps pre-installed on your phone by your device manufacturer after you perform a factory reset.

Install a custom ROM/ Kernel or overclock the CPU

Not everyone should follow this advice. Overclocking the CPU or installing a custom ROM can damage your phone unless you know what you’re doing. You may void your phone’s warranty if you still have it if you have done any of these things. Don’t try any of this without thinking carefully first.

Although your old Android phone might perform better with a custom ROM or kernel, you should at least expect some improvement. If you are looking for custom ROMs, kernels, and overclocking tips, XDA’s forums are a great resource. If you get stuck, you can also seek help from the amazing community in these forums. If you want to overclock your CPU you’ll need root access to install a custom kernel. Data will also be erased if you install a custom ROM or kernel.

Check out these tips to improve the performance of your old Android phone. How would you improve Android performance on a device that is over a year old? Leave us a comment if you have any questions or comments. You can also fix common Play Store problems by consulting our guide on how to do so.



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