How To Change IMEI Number On Android Phone


Hey guyz whats up  today in this article i am gonna be teaching you guyz to change the imei number of your android phone.i will teach you the easiest and working method for you.

Got a question in your Mind ‘How To Change IMEI Number On My Android Phone?’ Don’t Worry We have already caught your problem. In This Tutorial, You will get to know about Change IMEI Number Android Without Root. You will be able to Change IMEI of any android based phone including Nokia, Samsung & Others companies smartphones.

Change IMEI Number On Android With – Without Root

How To Easily Change IMEI Number of Android Devices

Warning: Changing of IMEI number is Illegal in some countries. This trick is only shared with the goal of Fix IMEI Null, IMEI Invalid & Not Registered on Network Problem. Which is now seen on some of Android Phones.

What Is IMEI Number & What Is It For?

IMEI (International Mobile Station Equipment Identity) is 15 digits long unique number used for device identification. IMEI Number on the smartphone allows us to access Simcard on our smartphones.

Why Do People Change IMEI Number?

You guys might have noticed that some of the android apps don’t let us register twice on the same phone. It’s because of IMEI Which is also known as Device ID. While in most cases, people use this IMEI Recover Tricks to repair their IMEI number. Because some of the IMEI gets blacklisted or doesn’t work in specific countries also, After Custom ROM. Most Custom ROM’s Break of Damage China Devices IMEI Number. So at that time, IMEI Repair Tricks is the only solution for Fix IMEI Null, IMEI Invalid, Not Registered On Network & Unknown Baseband.

Change IMEI Number Or Recover IMEI Android [No Root] (MTK Chipset Only)

There are lots of tricks to Change IMEI No. only a few of them works. So here are the tricks that will help you to Easily Change IMEI Number On Android Devices Without Rooting. In this methods, We will use Engineer Mode feature to Change IMEI.

Step #1– Firstly we need to enter into Engineer Mode on android. You can use Mobileuncle Tools APK to enter into Engineering Mode. Or just dial those number on your phone dialer.

*#7465625# or *#*#3646633#*#*

Download Mobile Uncle Tool

Step #2– Once Mobileuncle Tools is installed launch the app then go-to Engineer Mode – Engineer Mode (MTK). Now you enter Engineer Mode on your device.

Step #3– Now go to Connectivity Tab then go to CDS Information.

Step #4– Then tap on Radio Information.

Step #5– Now Phone Information will pop-up. Instead of IMEI, you will get Phone 1 & Phone 2 Option.

Step #6– Tap Phone 1 for SIM1 [IMEI_1] & Phone 2 for SIM2 [IMEI_2].

Step #7– One now Radio Information windows pop-up. Now in Command field enter the commands.



Step #8– Replace ‘YOUR15DIGITSIMEI‘ with your new IMEI Number. Ex: AT +EGMR=1,7,”1234567890″.

Change IMEI Android – Engineer Mode

Step #9– Finally Hit ‘Send AT Command‘ & restart your android phone.

How To Change IMEI Number On Android [Rooted Phones]

Changing Of IMEI Number is a very Simple & Easy  If your phone is rooted. Follow the instruction below.

Change IMEI (Device ID) On Any Rooted Android Phone Using Terminal Emulator.

Step #1– Download & Install Chamelephon APK on your Android device.

Chamelephon APK Free Download

Step #2– One the Chamelephon is installed on your android device Launch it.

Step #3– Now Chamelephon app will prompt for Root (SuperSu) Access. Simply Grant The Permission.

Step #4– Then Generate IMEI using Generate Random IMEI’s Button or Enter IMEI Number Manually.

Step #5– Finally, Tap On ‘Apply New IMEI‘ & reboot your Device.

Final Words: We hope that you made use of Change IMEI Number on Android (With – Without Root)  Tricks for fixing IMEI Null, IMEI Invalid & Not Registered on Network Problem.


You can now easily change the imei number of your android phone and hope it work for you,don’t forgot to share view about this post.If you have any questions or queries about this articles you can comment down below in comment section its free.i will try my best to slove your problem.please share this article to your friends by taping in social media icon for freely.thanks for giving time to read my article. Peaceeee. :):)


Focus : Change IMEI Number

Meta : IMEI AKA Device ID is a unique 16-digit number used to identify valid devices. Here are the latest tips on how to change IMEI number with & without root.


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