How To Block Stolen iPhone With IMEI Number Easily?

Have you ever misplaced your iPhone before? This is the last thing you want to happen to you in the near future. To begin with, iPhone smartphones are regarded as distinguished because they provide high-end features that other phones lack. There are several advantages to having these gadgets, from being able to shoot high-quality images to being able to browse quickly and use different programs effortlessly. You will, however, be greatly inconvenienced if you lose it. Despite this, you can submit your IMEI and get it blocked right away. Your device will be unable to operate in the country where it was registered in this manner. This post will show you how to disable the IMEI number of a lost or stolen iPhone so that you can take proper action.

Block Your Stolen iPhone With IMEI Number

No one will be able to access your personal information if you block your stolen iPhone with the IMEI number. This option is ideal for iPhone users who have stored sensitive personal information on their devices and want to keep that information private at all times. However, in order to disable your iPhone using its IMEI number, you must first locate it. The International Mobile Equipment Identity number is what the IMEI number stands for.

You may get this number by dialing *#06# on your phone, which will display a 15-digit number on the screen. You can also go to the Setting and General area and seek for the IMEI there. This number is sometimes also inscribed on the gadget that comes with your iPhone.

How To Block Stolen iPhone With IMEI Number

Because your IMEI number is so unique, you should write it down and keep it safe so that no one else may access it without your permission. Report the case to the local police department once you receive this number. You can improve your chances of recovering your misplaced gadget by contacting your local law enforcement department. This should ideally be done as soon as possible. Remember that the more you wait, the less likely you are to receive your phone back.

Notifying the authorities is insufficient. You should also contact your carrier and provide them with your phone’s IMEI information. They will then be able to disable the gadget. In this circumstance, the device is usually instantly blacklisted. Even if the thief attempts to replace the SIM card, the gadget will be useless to him. The gadget will no longer connect to its original network.

In reality, it will be useless from that point forward. Taking this step is only necessary if you are certain that you will not be able to recover your device. The good news is that your private information will be kept private. Even if the robber tries to open it, his efforts will be fruitless. It can’t be used on any other network, either, thus no one will be able to use the iPhone. As a result, the thief is unlikely to sell your device to anyone.

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Block Stolen iPhone Using Find My iPhone

You may also use Find My iPhone to locate, block, or even erase your stolen iPhone if you don’t have access to its IMEI number. This is only available if your prior smartphone had the Find My Device feature turned on.

You can prevent unwanted phone usage in terms of data and voice calls by enabling this function on your device. Your cell phone service provider will be able to disable your handset in this manner. Because a thief could easily disable the ‘Find My iPhone’ feature on your misplaced cellphone, you should find it quickly to avoid future issues.

Keep in mind that in order to utilize this function to lock your iPhone, you must have activated it while it was still in your possession. This is due to the fact that it cannot be enabled once the device has been lost. To do so, open the ‘Settings’ app on your smartphone and select ‘iCloud’ from the drop-down menu. Then, by simply touching the symbol next to ‘Find My iPhone,’ change it to the ‘On’ position. The following are the other actions you should take:

  • Begin by going to on your computer and logging in with your Apple id and password. If you don’t have a computer, you can perform the same thing with another iPhone. To start a search for your device, click the ‘Find My iPhone’ icon.


  • Select the device after opening the app. This will allow the feature to pinpoint your device’s location on the map.


  • You can now entirely block or lock your device from your current location after you’ve identified its location. You can use the Lost Mode function to lock your smartphone remotely using a pass code. You will be able to preserve all of your data this way.\
  • Even better, by tapping on the Erase iPhone option, you can delete all of the data on your device. If you follow this route, make sure you’ve backed up all of your data before it goes missing.

In the event that you are unable to obtain a computer, it is critical that you contact your service provider from a different phone. Also, if your iPhone does not appear on the ‘Find My iPhone’ map, you should do this. This is because locating your iPhone via the ‘Find My iPhone’ application may be difficult if it has been switched off or if the SIM card has been removed. Your service provider will disable your SIM card at this point, preventing unauthorized use of your cellular account.


1. is it possible disable a stolen iPhone?

Yes, but it depends on how long you want to spend doing it. This is because if you do not report a theft in a timely manner, a thief can use your device and charge your account for phone and data expenses. It’s also worth noting that if your iPhone contains a SIM card, the burglar may easily disable the feature by removing the card. As a result, the faster you find your iPhone, the better.

2. Can someone use my iPhone if it is stolen?

Not at all. Keep in mind that your Apple ID is still linked to your iPhone. As a result, it can’t be linked to another account. This is why you should report the incident to the authorities as soon as possible so that your phone can be disabled immediately.

3. Can someone unlock my stolen phone?

To begin, you’ll notice that most current devices are encrypted by default. However, if you protect your gadgets with a secure PIN or password, this encryption usually works well. If you don’t use a PIN or if you use a simple PIN like 1234, a burglar can easily access your device and do anything he or she wants with it.

4. Can a thief change IMEI number?

This number, also known as the International Mobile Equipment Identity Number, is a one-of-a-kind identification that can’t be modified because it’s illegal. As a result, if you monitor and locate your device in a timely manner, this number will remain.

5. What can someone do with my Phone’s IMEI number?

To begin, make sure you keep the IMEI number hidden at all times. This number, on the other hand, is typically used by operators to track your device in the event of an emergency. They also utilize it to learn about the brand, capabilities, and models of your phone, among other things.

6. Will the police retrieve a stolen iPhone?

Yes. If you are unable to recover the phone straight away, you must make a report with the police in the location where it was taken. You can obtain information on your device by reporting it, as you will be asked for its IMEI and they will proceed from there. You may be able to retrieve the phone this way in the long term.

7. Are stolen iPhone’s useless?

Yes. The new iPhones cannot be used by thieves since they are continually guarded. The odds of utilizing the stolen phone are slim unless you haven’t protected it with a strong password. In fact, the genuine owner of the stolen phone may block it, rendering it utterly worthless. You won’t be able to sell it to anyone else out there.


It’s impossible to imagine losing your prized iPhone. Given that certain iPhone models cost an arm and a leg, losing one can be extremely aggravating. From being unable to interact with loved ones to being unable to browse the internet as you once did, there is a wide range of issues that you are likely to face if you lose your iPhone. If this occurs, do not hesitate to use the IMEI or Find My Device features to block the iPhone device. These procedures should be completed as quickly as possible. Your personal information will be safe, and the misplaced phone will be rendered worthless. You will not be sorry if you consider these suggestions today.

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