Way To Apply for Share (IPO) Online Using Mero Share

Since most things these days are going digital, filling out share forms for an IPO has also become digital. Now you can invest your hard-earned money in shares without having to stand in line for hours. Investing in shares can be lucrative, but it takes a lot of time and money to fill out the form. Check out this page to learn more about MeroShare login, like changing your password or renewing your account.

C-ASBA (Centralized Application for ASBA based issuance) has made it easier for investors to apply online from their homes thanks to CDS and clearing. Additionally, C-ASBA has become mandatory for all IPOs (initial public offerings), FPOs, and rights/bonus share applications. Mero share login accounts also allow you to view the IPO result other than applying.

C-ASBA is first and foremost an acronym. ASBA (Applications Supported by Blocked Amounts) is just a centralized system in which the amount applied will be blocked in the investor’s account until share allotment or result is released.

ASBA required you to apply at the bank. However, C-ASBA now allows you to apply for share online from anywhere using the Internet. You also need to have a “Mero share” account from where you created C-ASBA.

What is Mero Share?

CDSC (Central Depository System and Clearing Ltd) provides information on share transactions through its Mero Share online portal.

From their website or mobile app, you can access the Mero Share portal of CDSC. An application for Mero share was recently launched by CDSC.

Procedure to apply Share (IPO) online in Nepal using Mero Share

Using Mero Share login, here is the complete procedure for filling out the share form online and paying for it online using your bank account.

How to open the MeroShare account?

  • Creating a Demat account is the first step. You can visit any capital that has been authorized to provide the service, such as your nearest bank or broker. Banks, Merchant banks, and brokers are examples of depositories (Depositary Participants). If you already have an account with a bank, it is easiest to proceed there.
    • Additionally, you might need a citizenship certificate, a passport-sized photo, a bank account number, an identification document, and the names of three generations (Tin Pusta).
    • Demat accounts are usually made in 2 to 3 days, depending on the pressure. They even provide some capitals the other day if there’s no rush.
  • Once you have the CRN number, you need to register under C-ASBA. Make sure you apply for a CRN at the bank where you opened your Demat account. It will take a few days for them to process your form and provide you with the CRN number.
    • Normally, you get it the next day after applying. You can even get your CRN number online from your bank’s website if you have e-banking. You will need to check with your bank about this.
  • As soon as you’ve received your CRN number, you need to open an account for “Mero Share”.

Login to the Mero Share account

  • The username and password that you use for Mero share must be unique. You need to submit a form with your email address, phone number, DPID, and Client ID. The charge for Mero shares per year is Rs 50. Your Mero share account username and password will be emailed to you, if all the steps have been followed and the CRN number is correct.
    • To get the account, they say it will take 5 days to a week. It only needs to be done once once you have your account. Once you have your account, you won’t have to worry about it again. The next step is straight ahead.

Mero share form Nepal

  • You can log in using your username and password using the Mero Share web portal of CDSC. Your share number and amount will then be required for IPO applications. It is now possible for you to fill out the share online for all IPOs, FPOs, right/bonus shares.
    • The application status and allotment result can also be viewed if you have already applied. Mero share has already launched a mobile app so that users can easily save credentials and fill up forms quickly. Visit Meroshare’s mobile app page for more information.
    • Mero share login website

How to apply for Share using Mero Share?

How To Apply for Share

  • You need to click on the Current issue under the “My ASBA” section in order to apply for the Mero Share Share IPO/FPO/right share listing. Those shares can be applied there once you have selected them. Shares must be entered based on the limit indicated there. Select the bank account (the Demat account) and the CRN number.
    • Next, you must enter the 4-digit PIN code that you have previously set. A One Time Password (OTP) was previously required, but Transaction PIN codes now replace this method of increased security. Through the Mero Share account, enter the PIN number to confirm the application.

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How to change the MeroShare password?

Mero share passwords are frequently forgotten by a lot of users. Additionally, you need to know how to change or reset the password for the mere share.

Passwords for Mero shares may be changed by following these steps:

  • You can change the password by filling out a form at the bank where you made the Demat account (take your BOID number with you). There are banks that charge a fee of Rs 25 for changing the password, and the new password will be sent to you via email. There is also an email in your Junk folder. Email issues can sometimes occur.
  • Trying to contact the respective Capital and asking them to change your password immediately will help ensure that you receive the email even in your Junk folder. You will be prompted to change your password immediately once you log in using the mobile number provided (preferred). In most cases, this method works.
  • You can request this by sending an email to meroshare@cdsc.com.np with your login details, including your BOID, but it isn’t successful most of the time.

If you know your current Mero share password and you have already logged in, then you can change that password by logging in to Mero

  • Viewing the MeroShare profile
  • Change your password by clicking the Change password tab
  • (Confirm your new password and old password)
  • You will then be able to change the password for your MeroShare account.

Change the Transaction PIN code of your MeroShare account

Follow these steps to change the Mero Share Transaction PIN (if you forgot it for the share application).

Change Transaction PIN Meroshare

  • Join MeroShare with your login information.
  • Using the top right-hand corner, you can access MeroShare’s profile.
  • Change your transaction PIN by clicking on the “Change Transaction PIN” tab.
  • Click Change Transaction PIN after entering your current password and new transaction PIN (again for confirmation).
  • Then you will receive a new PIN that you can use for all transactions.

Check the status of the Share application through Mero Share?

The Mero Share Portal allows you to view the result or status of shares by going to the Application report under the My ASBA tab. Statuses like pending, confirmed, and assigned are available here.

Check IPO result online

After some time of the result announcement, you can see the IPO allotment results in your Mero Share account.

However, if you want to see the IPO result immediately, you will need to

  • Mero Share’s IPO allotment portal
  • Please select the company whose IPO result you are interested in checking.
  • Put in your BOID number (16 digits) in the format 130……….
  • You will see the results immediately below with “Sorry not allotted” for no allotment or “Congratulations allotted! Quantity allotted: X”.

How to renew the Mero share account from the bank counter?

Renewal of the Mero share account with the bank.

  • To link a Demat account to a bank account, you need to go there.
  • Complete MEROSHARE’s renewal form and pay Rs 50.
  • Within a day, you will receive a confirmation of your renewal.

How to renew the Mero Share account using eSewa/Khalti?

eSewa / Khalti digital wallet can also be used to renew the mere share account. Renewal of Mero Share requires the following steps:

  • Visit the Capital by selecting Finance.
  • Put your ClientID (BOID), Full Name, Contact Number, and Service into the text box
  • It is possible to renew both DEMAT and MERSHARE accounts with the same account.
  • Once you have paid the required amount, you will receive a confirmation.

Nowadays, some banks also allow you to renew your mere share account through your digital wallet, rather than using eSewa. Online banking has also revolutionized digital payments by allowing you to establish a bank account. Ensure if your Share capital office supports the digital wallet payment or not by contacting them. In the Finance section of the digital wallet, you can even find a list of Capitals utilized for payments.

Mero Share features

Listed below are the features in the Mero Share portal, with information on shares, account holders, and more.

Mero Share portal information My EDIS 164x300 1

  • Dashboard: Displays a summary of all the information on the Share profile, Share price, and Top-5 scripts.
  • My Details: You can find in this section basic information about the account holder, such as BOID, Name, Address.
  • My Shares: The user can view their shares, lock them in, freeze them, and add more money to their accounts. A free balance of shares should always be checked before selling.
  • My Transaction History: It shows the history of buying and selling shares, details of bonus shares, right shares, and mergers.
  • My portfolio: Here you will find the worth of shares yesterday, today (LTP), and the total worth.
  • Pledge Share details:
  • My bank request: Contains account information, branch, bank name, etc.
  • My ASBA: Provides information on the currently open IPOs, FPOs, rights, and debentures. Additionally, it displays the history of shares applied.
  • An indication of the source from which the share was obtained is the Purchase Source. In addition, there is a section for WACC, which pays the CGT of 7.5% on gains per share.
  • My EDIS: The share list to be sold can be approved in this tab.

Important points to solve problems in the Mero share account.

When buying, selling, or getting information using Mero Share, these are the important points to remember.

  • In the My shares tab, you can find the number of shares you have bought. You should always look for free shares that you are able to sell. Because some shares can be frozen or locked by the company, you’ll need to check. In the event of a mistakenly sold share, you must pay a 20% penalty.
  • Under the My portfolio tab you’ll find details of the share price and its equivalent.
  • To approve the sale of the shares in T+1 day, calculate WACC in the Purchase Source. WACC (weighted average cost of capital) must be calculated before the selling shares are listed in EDIS.
  • If you sell the shares through your broker subsequently, you must approve the transfer within My EDIS. The shares must clear the electronic delivery instruction slip (EDIS) within two days of the sale.

You won’t have to wait in line for hours if you go through the above steps for applying online. Forms have been filled out mostly by employees of several organizations, both public and private.

They can invest easily and will remain focused on their own work at the office instead of spending several hours in a queue. As a result, people and the nation will save thousands of hours of work time.

The Employee Provident Fund account holders cannot apply for IPO shares like Bhotekoshi Hydro online. The application needs to be filled out at the bank where you have your DMAT account, along with copies of your employee ID card and EPF card.


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