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GTA 5 Download

Hey guzy whats up today in this article i am going to teaching you guyz for gta 5 download in your computer. gta 5 is one of the best game i have ever played in my life i enjoy alot while playing that game so i got a question on my mind why should i not make article in this topic so today i want to tell you guyz to download gta 5 in your computer in 2018.

What Is GTA 5?

So, if you don’t know what is gta 5 let me tell you something about this game to you guyz. GTA full form is Grand Theft Auto it is an action and adventure game which was developed by rockstar north and it was published by rockstar is the first and main entry in gta series since from today you will lean how to install it on your computer.:)

Requirements For GTA 5 Download

There are few requirements which needs to run gta 5 in your computer so the requirements are given below:

1.CPU: Intel core 2 quad CPU Q6600 @ 2.40GHz or AMD phenom 9850 Quad core processor  @2.5 Ghz

  1. More than 4Gb of RAM

3.OS(Operating System): windows 8, windows7, windows 8.1, windows vista

  1. 64 GB atleast Free space in harddisk.


How To Download GTA 5 ?

So here are few things you have to do to download gta 5 in your computer. you have to download BitTorrent in your Computer to download it so,download BItTorrent from can also try uTorrent to download it so you may try anything you want.

So,after finishing the download of torrent you have to download gta 5 torrent download link so download it from here.then you have to download power iso from here. and atlast download crack file also from here.

You have to download these all things from the above link so download these all things before installing it.

How TO Install GTA 5 ?

So,after finishing of the download it’s time to install it on your to install it one your computer follow these steps:

1.First of all download uTorrent or BitTorrent in your computer by the help of your browser and install it.

2.After downloading uTorrent or BitTorrent in your computer download game link of uTorrent or BitTorrent from above link given by using your browser.

3.After downloading the game link open it through your uTorrent or BitTorrent which you have downloaded.

4.After opening download link specify the path where you want to save it on your pc remember that it requireds 60GB storage in your harddisk.

According to your internet speed it may take some time for you it required 2 hours for me.

5.After finishing the downloading of GTA 5 on your pc you also have to download PowerISO in your pc so download it.

6.Mount the grand theft auto 5 file using poweriso.

7.After that you guyz will get CD drive of gta file which you have mounted.

8.Now you have to click on that cd icon and install it it’s easy to install so goodluck to install gta 5 on your pc properly.

How To Install Crack File?

So,this is the last step here and it is to install the crack file so to install it download crack file from above link and copy that crack file in your computer and past it in to your gta 5 orginal file you have to replace it on your orginal file.

So this is how gta 5 is installed on your computer so enojy it by playing in your computer now.

Game not launching?

Run theas Admin if you are having trouble getting the game to start you have to open game run as administrator.


Now that you have learned now gta 5 download process. this is how you can install it on your computer easily and can play from can play grand theft auto V full version now.there will be no any problem while playing that game you can play it properly. don’t forgot to share view about this post.If you have any questions or queries about this articles you can comment down below in comment section its free.i will try my best to slove your problem.please share this article to your friends by taping in social media icon for freely.thanks for giving time to read my article. Peaceeee. :):)


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