Here’s the first look at Google-based Samsung Galaxy One UI Watch

The Galaxy Watch lineup will now sport Samsung’s new smartwatch interface, replacing the Tizen OS. One UI Watch is the name given to it by the South Korean company. Easily recognizable from Samsung’s One UI, it looks like the UI on a smartphone. The WMC 2021 panel will cover everything Samsung unveiled about the new operating system.

Samsung One UI Watch

After Google confirmed that it was working with One UI on a unified smartwatch platform, the new One UI Watch was somewhat expected. It is still too early to decide on an official name for the merger between Samsung Tizen OS and Google Wear OS, but for now, people call it Wear.

Samsung promises that One UI Watch will improve performance, enable app compatibility with both smartphones and watches, and allow for an enriched smartphone-watch experience.

Look and Feel

As a starter, the One UI Watch inherits visual cues from its smartphone counterpart. On stage, Samsung let us see a glimpse of the settings layout, which was derived from One UI (smartphone).

first look at Google-based Samsung Galaxy One UI Watch

Toward the end of the year, Samsung will also make its Watch face design tool available to Android developers. More customization options will be available.

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Google Play Integration

Besides downloading apps directly from the Google Play Store, users can also install them from the Google Play Store. You’ll be able to use Google apps such as Maps, YouTube Music, and Message. Third-party app developers can now integrate Google Play features directly into their One UI Watch apps. A number of popular apps will also be available for One UI Watch users, including Smart Caddie, Adidas Running, Calm and more.

Auto App installation on One UI Watch

Part of Galaxy Ecosystem

Furthermore, it seamlessly syncs with your smartphone. When you download an app on your phone, the One UI Watch automatically downloads its compatible version (if it exists). Similar to this, One UI Watch can display time based on your phone’s current time zone setting. As an added feature, you can block a specific number from the watch, which will automatically sync with all of your Galaxy smartphones.

Block Number on One UI Watch

Samsung One UI Watch Availability

In addition to the One UI Watch, Samsung has also confirmed that the Galaxy Watch will debut next year. It has been rumored that Samsung will launch the Galaxy Watch 4 (previously called the Galaxy Watch Active 4) in August.


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