Best 5 Firefly Phone For Kids ( Reviews With Feature )

As a worried parent, deciding whether or not to give your child a cell phone is always a difficult decision. This is because, in the majority of cases, phones can introduce your youngster to the perils of the internet while also causing them to fail their studies. However, as a parent, it is critical to maintain contact with your child, particularly when they are abroad. Your main issue is whether or not if I give my child a phone, he will use it responsibly. If that describes your scenario, don’t be concerned. This is due to the introduction of firefly cell phones for children to the market. Follow our guide to the latter to learn more about these phones.

Do Firefly Phones Really Protect Kids?

Yes. These phones are quite good at keeping your children safe. Let’s first define what a firefly phone is before we go any further. A firefly phone is a miniature cell phone designed exclusively for children and programmed by their parents or guardians using a PIN. The phone is designed to fit comfortably in a child’s palm, includes a unique mom and dad key, and is aimed at children aged 6 to 12.

To return to our original topic, do firefly phones actually safeguard children? Yes. This is due to the fact that it contains a limited phone book with only a few contacts and a control pin that allows parents to select who is added to your contact list. This also ensures that you have complete control over who your children phone or text. It also features a call screening feature that ensures your child can’t call someone who isn’t in the address book.

The phone also lacks internet access. This prevents your children from viewing or downloading unwanted online stuff.

5 Best Firefly Phone Specifications and Features

Choosing amongst the many different brands of firefly phones on the market might be difficult. To minimize frustrations, you should always be aware of the phone’s features and specifications. We’ve chosen the top five best firefly phones to consider from of a plethora of options.

1. Firefly cell phone for kids

The Firefly cell phone for kids is a fantastic gift for your youngster. The phone is readily available and may be purchased through online retailers such as Amazon. Why is it the most effective? To begin with, the latter is really effective in terms of safeguarding your child. This is due to its stringent security features, which include parental programmed storage with a limit of only 20 contact numbers. This phone book is also password-protected so that parents may access it and monitor who they call.

Firefly cell phone for kids

It’s also simple to operate, with a pleasant LCD screen display and seven various illumination colors to tempt your child. Furthermore, this device is very light, weighing only 1.15 pounds. As a result, it’s light and easy to carry. It also boasts a long battery life, with up to 6 hours of talk time before needing to be recharged.


  • It’s light and less bulky to hold.
  • It has tight safety parental control measures.
  • Has large LCD display.

  • Complains that the later does not come with a user guide.
  • It has no messaging and downloading services.

2. Firefly mobile glowPhone black unlocked cell phone

Do you need to keep an eye on or communicate with your youngster while you’re away? It’s a terrific idea to get him this gizmo. Basically, this item appeals to a large number of parents, so trust it. Why is it the most effective? It has a PIN-protected dialer that limits your child’s outgoing and incoming calls. It also offers a text message parental lock that allows you to lock and unlock messaging services from your child’s phone.

Firefly Phone For Kids

In addition, the device is equipped with a number of user-friendly features. To begin with, it contains an avatar to assist in the attachment of an image to each contact for easier dialing. It also contains simple navigation keys such as “pick up,” “hang up,” “guy,” and “women.” These symbols make it simple to pick up, hang up, or make calls to people who aren’t your mother or father.

This technology is also a cultural icon when it comes to entertainment. It comes with four built-in games and an audible loudspeaker to make gaming more enjoyable. To make your phone more appealing, you can also preload MIDI ringtones or download JPEG wallpapers. Finally, the key has other capabilities such as 911 emergency call services, a flashlight, and a voicemail key.


  • It has strict parental control features.
  • Easy navigation keys
  • Has entertainment games
  • It has mom and dad special dial keys

  • It has no downloading features.

3. Firefly mobile glowPhone 45

This wonderful device is ideal for children because it includes pin security capabilities that allow parents to limit who their children can contact, text, or receive calls from. The device is also compact and light enough to be held comfortably without exerting too much effort.
It’s simple to call your mother or father on the phone. Its simple navigation keys, along with parent and dad visualizers, make dialing a breeze.

Firefly mobile glowPhone 45

You may also have a good time with its four built-in games, which are designed to keep you entertained. In an emergency, children can dial 911 using the easily visible emergency dial button.


  • It is unlocked
  • Has parental control measures
  • Easy to make and receive calls

  • It works only in US.

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4. GSM firefly mobile cell phone for kids

This is a GSM-enabled firefly phone for kids that operates on the 2G network. The phone works well with service providers such as T-mobile, ensuring that you get nothing but solid service.

Firefly Phone For Kids

It is also light in weight and compact in size, making it easy for children to hold. This phone is legal and reliable to consider because it is made by the renowned Firefly company.


  • Made from a reputable manufacture
  • Light in weight
  • small and convenient for kids to hold

  • 2 G network is quite slow.

5. Blue unlocked firefly cellular phones

We’ll round out our list with this fantastic firefly phone, which is specifically created for children. The product is exceptional in that it comes with a four-digit pin number that allows you to manage your child’s contact list by banning and filtering undesired calls. Its ring tone is also chosen by the parent, and it has incredible tones that can be heard clearly even in noisy environments.

Blue unlocked firefly cellular phones

It also has a durable display that is both sturdy and scratch resistant. It also features a feature that allows your child to see all missed calls and return them. It’s also easy to transport, and it comes with an AC converter as a bonus.


  • Tight parental control measures.
  • Light in weight and easy to hold
  • Has missed call notification services.
  • Its well audible

  • Quite small display
  • It has no user manual

Benefits of Firefly Phones

  • Parental peace of mind: The latter provides parents with peace of mind. You may check in on your children and communicate with them while you are gone as a parent. You can also control and monitor what your child does with the phone, so you don’t have to worry about bad exposure.
  • Guarantees child’s safety: The parental control capabilities on Firefly phones ensure that your children are protected from inappropriate online content. These phones also contain a parental PIN number that safeguards your children from receiving unsolicited calls and texts.
  • Gives child freedom: Giving your child a phone can be risky, but it also gives them a sense of independence. Firefly phones for kids provide your child a lot of freedom while still keeping them safe from harmful exposure.
  •  Provides entertainment: These phones include entertainment games pre-installed to keep your child occupied during their free time. To listen to music or films, most of these phones contain mp3 players, small USB ports, and a headphone connection.

Disadvantages of Firefly Phones

  • Poor battery life. In general, these phones have a short battery life of up to 6 hours. As a result, you’ll have to recharge your phone numerous times throughout the day.
  • Kids outgrow them. These phones are developed specifically for children aged 6 to 12. As a result, you’ll need to replace it as your child develops.
  • Claims have it that the phone is super fragile. It’s comprised of plastic and light materials that scratch and break easily.

How to Unlock Firefly Phone for Kids

To unlock your kid’s firefly phone, follow the following steps.

  • Make sure you have a backup SIM card from a different service provider than your current one.
  • In your phone, insert the spare SIM card.
  • You will be prompted to input your SIM unlock pin.
  • Feed your unlock code into your phone, then hit OK.
  • You will be notified that your phone has been successfully unlocked.

Firefly Mobile Customer and Billing Contact Info

The good news is that if you have a question or a problem regarding your Firefly phone, you may contact customer care immediately. Although their services are not always available, you can reach them Monday through Friday between the hours of 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. Eastern Time. You can also reach them on Saturdays between the hours of 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. EST. They can be reached at 1-800-347-3359.

Through their email customer care, they also provide emailing services. Although there is no direct email address, you can use the online contact form to send them your help desk ticket. If you have a question, you can also go to their firefly mobile FAQS section to find answers to frequently asked questions.


Are firefly phones expensive?

The cost of a Firefly phone is less than that of a normal cell phone. These phones are reasonably priced, starting at $49.99. Furthermore, you can purchase low-cost calling plans for as little as $5 per month. There are many additional plans, such as:

  • 65$ for unlimited call services.
  • 15$ for 100 call minutes
  • 10$ for 67 minutes among others.

Are firefly phones unlocked?

Yes. Because Firefly phones are unlocked, they can accept any SIM card. This makes it simple for children to contact their parents or guardians. This is despite the fact that they are utilizing SIM cards from various service providers.

What is the common dial keys found on firefly phones?

Firefly phones have five major keys for convenient navigation. These keys are labeled “begin call” and are green in color. They are used to make a generic call. The red ‘end call’ key, the blue ‘phone book’ key with a blue opened book icon that opens your contact list, the blue ‘call mom’ key with a blue woman icon, and the blue ‘call dad’ key with a blue man image are all supposed to access your contact list. Some phones also feature a 911 emergency services key and an animation key, which may be used to display any animation in the menu. 3.

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