Embossed Number Plates To Be Mandatory For All Vehicles From Shrawan

In Shrawan, Nepalese government and private vehicles will be required to display embossed number plates. New and upcoming vehicles will be required to have embossed number plate after this date.

Embossed number plates from Shrawan

It had also been introduced for vehicles a few years ago to have embossed number plates. Only a few vehicles have been affected by the implementation in practice.

In 2078/79, however, it will become obligatory to have an embossed number plate. Shrawan will provide RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) based plates for two-wheelers, four-wheelers, and large vehicles.

Namaraj Ghimire, director-general of the Department of Transportation Management, has announced that “embossed number plates will be mandatory for new vehicles and for all vehicles to be renewed from next Shrawan so that their scientific management can be conducted”.

The form filling system has already been refined, among other technical work. A new number plate will be installed on all kinds of vehicles within three years as well, according to the department.

Its use

Following the implementation of embossed number plates, the government will be able to obtain integrated vehicle information throughout the country. In the case of criminals using such plates, it will assist in investigating suspicious activity.

Embossed Number Plates To Be Mandatory For All Vehicles From Shrawan

Due to the fact that the number plate must be cut off to remove it completely, it makes it less likely that a vehicle will be stolen or driven illegally.

Further, since RFID-enabled embossed plates allow for tracking in case of theft, their location can easily be determined. Police will no longer have to look at the Blue Book, because the RFID device attached to it will reveal whether or not the owner has paid the taxes. There is also a built-in chip on the number plate providing vehicle and owner information.

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For embossed license plates on two and four wheeler vehicles (small & medium), there is a 2,500 rupee charge and a 3,200 rupee charge, according to the department. Owning a large vehicle will also require a payment of Rs. 3,600. Nepal has installed embossed number plates on 18,000 vehicles as of today.

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