5 Best Cheapest Metro PCS Phones at Walmart

Prepaid mobile plans have gone a long way in the United States, and they’re no longer just for individuals with bad credit or limited budgets; they’re also ideal for those who want the freedom or flexibility to switch carriers whenever a better bargain becomes available. With so many prepaid cellphone carriers to choose from, finding the ideal one for you isn’t as simple as it may appear. With some emphasizing on limitless data and others giving the greatest rates at the expense of less comprehensive customer service, there is a wide range of options. T-Mobile owns Metro PCS, an American prepaid wireless service provider and brand, and we’ll show you how to buy a cheap Metro phone from Walmart.

Metro PCS offers add-ons and programs that provide you with monthly bill certainty as well as mobile network freedom. Metro allows you to bring your own phone or purchase a Metro PCS-compatible phone directly from the carrier. Also, if you bring your own handset, it must be GSM unlocked. You may also double-check if your handset is Metro-compatible before moving to Metro Pcs for a free phone upgrade. To confirm compatibility, you’ll need to know your phone’s IMEI number.

Metro phones are sold in a wide range of outlets and dealers across the country. However, in this post, we will concentrate on those that are accessible at Walmart. This is for you if you prefer to buy your electronics from Walmart. You’ll also learn about the devices that work with Metro and the options that Metro provides.

Does Metro support bring Your Own Device (BYOD)?

Using your own phone to join Metro is a quick, cost-effective, and simple way to do so. If you want to bring your own phone, you must first verify that it is compatible with the network.

Some phones have network hardware that may not operate well with Metro, thus if your phone isn’t compatible, you should get a new one from them. Check out the Metro phones on sale to buy one for a low price.

In order to transfer to Metro and use the Metro Pcs phone plan, your phone must also be unlocked. If your phone is locked, you can have it unlocked by contacting your old cell phone company.

Once you’ve received your Metro sim card, you may activate it online and choose the best plan for you. You can change to Metro in three easy steps!

5 Best Metro Phones from Walmart

However, because Metro is not a free government phone service, you must contribute to Metro before upgrading your smartphone. Unfortunately, there is no way to acquire a free Metro phone update.

Here are our top recommendations for you.

1) Apple iPhone XR w/64GB

The Apple iPhone XR is a very compatible phone for MetroPCS, and if you are an existing MetroPCS user, you can receive it for free. The Apple iPhone XR is a prepaid smartphone that provides you with efficiency and ease. With the all-new liquid-retina display, you’ll have never-before-seen visuals from your XR.

Apple iPhone XR

Due to the fast face ID feature, you can securely access your apps, unlock your iPhone, and make payments with Apple Pay. The groundbreaking technology of a 12MP rear camera and a 7MP TrueDepth front camera makes this gadget a must-have. It comes in a variety of colors to help you express yourself. In every manner, this smartphone delivers you greatness.


  • It is water-resistant
  • Wireless charging ability
  • Great battery life
  • Fast A12 Bionic chip


  • Lacks support for Gigabit-class LTE
  • Glass front and back are prone to easy damage

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2) Samsung Galaxy S9, 64GB

The Samsung Galaxy S9 series is a fantastic device with outstanding photography, technology, and performance. The dual-curved 5.8-inch AMOLED display feels fantastic. The snapdragon 845 and the Exynos 9810 (for some smartphones) processors are fast and capable of handling graphics-intensive games.

Samsung Galaxy S9 1

With its changeable settings, the 12MP breakthrough camera adapts like the human eye to take spectacular images in brilliant daylight, moonlight, and super low light. The speakers produce excellent, rich stereo sound thanks to Dolby Atmos and AKG technology, not to mention the good old-fashioned headphones jack!


  • Great battery life
  • Curved screen design
  • Impressive camera
  • Variety of colors


  • Slow to receive android updates
  • The Bixby feature still feels gimmicky

3) Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max 64GB

With iOS 13 installed, the Apple 11 pro max feels more sophisticated than prior models. With this device’s all-new dual camera, you can capture stunning portraits, expansive vistas, and 4K video. Fast charging capabilities are another feature that will entice you to purchase this smartphone, with the capacity to charge to 50% in 30 minutes!

Cheapest Metro PCS Phones at Walmart

You also won’t have to worry about losing your phone when you go to the pool or the beach because the Apple 11 Pro Max is water-resistant for 30 minutes up to 2 meters.


  • Fast A13 Bionic Chipset
  • Longest battery life
  • Waterproof design
  • Quality stereo speakers


  • Has a skimpy 64GB storage

4) Samsung Galaxy Note 10, 256GB

With the Samsung Galaxy Note 10, you can enjoy a cinematic experience whether you’re outside in brilliant daytime or in the dark at night. By lowering blue light at the pixel level without compromising color, the eye comfort display helps to reduce eye strain and sleep disturbance.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 457x400 1

Rich hues and contrasts are maintained in each scene thanks to HDR10+ and tone mapping. Allow you to capture the moment just as you saw it, with stunning color and depth in 4K UHD. Samsung’s One UI is simple and intuitive, allowing you to concentrate on what matters most. It’s as though using the Galaxy Note10 is second nature.


  • Great battery life
  • S-Pen with tons of unique features
  • Bright OLED screen
  • Massive storage+++


  • Lacks the 3.5mm headphones jack
  • The on-screen fingerprint reads need a bit more optimization

5) Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Plus 5G

The 6.7-inch Dynamic AMOLED display on the phone has a resolution of 32001440 and a 20:9 aspect ratio, making it tall, slim, and exceptionally crisp. Also included is a 120-Hz refresh rate for smoother scrolling. With an almost edge-to-edge screen and only a single punch-hole in the top center, the front looks stunning.

Cheapest Metro PCS Phones at Walmart

The screen is also HDR10+ certified, ensuring that the proper content has a wide dynamic range. The phone seems speedy all the time, regardless of the program or content, thanks to the Exynos 990, which is one of the best CPUs on the market.


  • Good battery life
  • Very good stereo system setup
  • Versatile Triple camera setup
  • 5G enabled


  • The fingerprint sensor needs to be improved


Metro is a fantastic service provider that provides you with prepaid services. With the bring your own device option (as long as it is compatible), it is also quite easy to switch from one provider to another without having to buy a new device, which is quite a catch. Metro provides phones and plans to low-income households, which makes it quite popular and competitive with other networks.

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