8 Best Cell Phone With Limited Numbers To Call

Globally, there are many mobile phone manufacturers. Smartphones continue to grow in popularity as technology advances. They have not, however, supplanted traditional cell phones. The most reliant on standard phones are kids and senior citizens who are not very tech-savvy. They also communicate mostly to pass on information rather than for leisure. Initially, only a limited number of calls could be made on cell phones due to their rigidity.

Specific numbers can be programmed into these phones. You will dial this number and speak directly with the person on the other end. This type of phone is rarely used for browsing the internet and instead is primarily used for sending and receiving text messages.

With the information we provide in this article, you will be able to make phone calls with limited numbers. Furthermore, we review the best smartphones in this category. Then you have come to the right place if you are in search of such a product.

Are Mobile Phones Safe for Kids?

The conundrum of modern parenting is to find the right phone for your child. It is, however, a personal choice for each parent to make, depending on the behavior of their child. Several phones are tailored for kids, which is good news. Emergency calls are the main function of children’s phones. You can locate your child in any location using GPS-enabled children’s phones.

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A kid’s phone can have a number of benefits, but it can also be a nightmare. It is possible for kids to become zombies with their phones if they have no self-control. Keep their phones plugged in all the time and neglect other responsibilities. You can also easily lose your child on dirty sites with a lot of uncensored internet content.

Parents must, however, decide whether or not to provide their children with a phone. Getting your child a phone is a great idea if you can monitor and control their phone interaction.

Key Features to Look Before Buying Cell Phone For Limited Numbers Call

Any consumer should be knowledgeable about the important features of a product before purchasing it. As a result, your backyard can easily become a junkyard. When buying basic cell phones for elderly people or children, the same rules apply. In order to determine whether a phone is quality, functional, and appropriate, you need to pay close attention to certain factors. These features are highlighted below.


There are no complex features in a basic phone. The phone needs to be affordable so that you can use it without a struggle. Thus, you should look for a cheap phone with no contracts.

Good Battery Life

Long-life batteries will definitely give you good service. GPS is the dominant feature of basic phones, which means they consume a lot of power. The games that come with kids’ phones are usually power-hungry. Consequently, you should consider the battery life of the phone before purchasing.


A hard casing can protect your phone from breaking, so you should consider buying one. Metal and other materials in the casing of some phones prevent them from breaking easily. When purchasing a phone, you should consider the person who will be using it. Frequent phone purchases are unwise. Before you buy a phone, make sure you look at the reviews on online stores and find out how durable the phone is.

Child-centered Features

Several kids are able to use adult phones. If you do not have parental control apps, this can sometimes put parents at ease. It is therefore recommended that you get a kid-focused phone when getting one for your child. Your kid will also be able to go at the same level as them.


I do not think age has anything to do with this, as it applies to nearly all phones. Playing games on phones, for instance, is a favorite activity among children. Graphics are heavy in some of these games. A good processor or memory is a must for this. In case the phone performs poorly, then your child will have an unpleasant gaming experience.

Internal storage

Music, animations (for kids), and photography are popular pastimes. A sufficient amount of storage must be available on the phone they are using. Get a phone with a large storage capacity when buying one. There are also phones with external memory slots, which enable you to expand your storage.

Best Cell Phone with Limited Numbers to Call

Some products are difficult to acquire with all the features they need. We have listed the 5 best cell phones with a limited number of calls to give you an idea of what they are like. In deciding which to choose, you can use this information.

1. Snapfon ezTWO

In terms of cell phone manufactures for kids and seniors, Snapfon is among the top notch companies. It has a lot of advantages over its predecessor, Snapfon ezTWO. Its metallic body is complemented by a silver bezel, accentuating its flashy look.

513MecU35L. AC

With the battery in place, the phone only weighs 2.3 oz. 2.4 inches and a resolution of 480p make up the display. You can reach the emergency services by pressing and holding for 5 seconds the SOS button at the back of the phone.

Additionally, six phone numbers can be programmed for direct contact with emergency services in the event of an emergency. It also features a 1000 mAh battery, which is capable of sustaining power for 3-5 hours while standing by for 4-7 days.


  1. The camera is of good quality
  2. Easy-to-use interface
  3. This is a fast processing system
  4. There is a responsive emergency button


  1. Phones are heavy because of their batteries

2. GreatCall Lively Flip

Most people, especially older adults, have never heard of jitterbug flip. There are few flip phones that operate on CDMA networks, so this is an advantage. Developed by GreatCall Inc., it is distributed in North America. Dimensions and weight are 4.3X2.2X0.7 inches and 4.7 ounces respectively.

61WYsP5qScL. AC SL1183

Front display measures 1.77 inches and has 128×128 pixels, while main display measures 3.2 inches and has 480×320 pixels. Also included is a camera with a resolution of 2 MP, which is quite decent and can capture quality images under diverse conditions.

Despite being a flip phone, the device has a high-powered Qualcomm snapdragon processor. It has a 5-star button on the bottom that puts you in direct contact with emergency services if you press it.

A $14.99 monthly fee is fairly affordable for the plans. A 32-gigabyte SD card can be used to expand the 4GB storage space.


  1. An interface designed with the user in mind
  2. It is easy to navigate thanks to the large buttons
  3. An emergency button with 5 stars is provided
  4. The quality of the speakers is excellent


  1. Does not work for anyone other than GreatCall Inc

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3. Jethro [SC490] 4G/LTE Unlocked Bar Style Cell Phone

Our first choice is this 4-star rated Jethro phone. A striking simple design creates a better first impression compared to other devices. You will find a fast charging dock when you open the box.

Cell Phone With Limited Numbers To Call

In terms of resolution, Jethro’s 2.8-inch screen has a 480p resolution, which is close to HD. It is compatible with phones with a limited number of calls since it can program up to six telephone numbers.

With Bluetooth 2.1, you can connect to wireless networks. With the GSM technology of AT&T and T-Mobile, you have access to 4G, 3G, and 2G internet speeds.


  1. The price is reasonable
  2. Batteries last longer
  3. Display size is 2.8 inches
  4. Up to six numbers can be programmed into the device


  1. Internet connection is slow


There are so many great advantages to the BLU JOY. Nearly 200 reviews have given it a rating of 3.5 on Amazon. This phone is made out of rugged plastic, which prevents it from getting damaged.

91Lmq2zFsjL. AC SL1500

Under the GSM network, the device supports two SIM cards. The built-in SOS button allows users to summon emergency services with the press of a button. A kid or a senior can easily navigate through the vibrant 2.4-inch display of the BLU JOY.

The good thing about it is that it supports MP3, VGA, and MP4 media formats. With optimization, the battery will last up to eight hours. In addition to the stunning camera, the device is equipped with a flashlight.


  1. Easy-to-use interface
  2. Connectivity to the Internet is fast
  3. It displays brightly
  4. Long battery life


  1. There are too many gaps between keys on the keyboard

5. CPR 3G Unlocked Phone

This device is a great choice for anyone who wants a secure cell phone without internet capability that can limit the number of calls. The phone has a sleek, lightweight design with a flip design. It features a call blocking feature, so its users will never be stalked.

41IwdlUwyIS. AC

Additionally, the device comes with an LED flash with which you can take day and night pictures. MP3 and MP4 files can also be played. The phone has a dual-screen design; the front 1.77-inch screen is used for notifications, whereas the main 2.4-inch screen is used for calling.

One thousand milliamperes of its battery can last for six hours. Devices from T-Mobile and MVNOs work with Verizon but not with the national carrier.


  1. The user interface is friendly
  2. There is quite a bit of processing speed
  3. There is a high resolution on the screen
  4. Battery that lasts a long time
  5. Security features are reliable


  1. CDMA carriers are not supported

6. Easyfone Prime A1 Unlocked Phone

The design and user-interface of the Easyphone prime A1 are a definite selling point. Outwardly, it is similar to Jitterbug flip phones. During the second quarter of 2018, the device was released to the market to good reviews.

Cell Phone With Limited Numbers To Call

Rather than having a 2.4-inch display with good resolution, the device has a 1.44-inch outer display used for basic things like notifications and making calls. A little over three ounces and 0.8 inches thick, the device is incredibly lightweight.

You also get a 2MP camera with LED flash, which enhances the clarity of images in low light. The charger for the device is included in the box, which is considerably more efficient than using the included charger. In addition to the internal memory, there is also a microSD card slot.

Up to 5 hours of talk time can be achieved with the 800 mAh battery. MP3, MP4, and VGA are some of the formats it supports. A SOS button is also available on the device for emergency services


  1. A very responsive SOS button
  2. The user interface is friendly
  3. Easily navigable
  4. Budget-friendly


  1. GSM-only compatibility

7. Mosthink Unlocked Cell Phone

Featuring a range of features, Mosthink is an impressive piece of technology. Despite its relatively low rating of 3.2 stars, it is quite well-liked on Amazon. With respect to the weight, design, and shape of the phone, it has an impressive appearance.

61zCffuiTL. AC SL1000

The buttons are easy to reach due to their size and spacing. Moreover, the S0S button has a 5-second response time. Also included is a battery of 1400 mAh with a talk time of 6 hours and standby time of 10 hours.

In comparison with charging the device with a cable, the phone comes with a docking station that charges the device quickly. The device is only compatible with GSM networks, while it can also connect to 3G networks for internet access. Therefore, Sprint will not provide network services if you use Verizon.


  1. It is responsive to the SOS button
  2. Using it is simple
  3. High-resolution display
  4. The price is very reasonable


  1. Poor quality cameras

8. Doro Phone Easy 626

Doro Phone easy 626

It is a very easy to use phone that fits perfectly in your pocket, and is a very user-friendly device. With an enlarged display, it has a backlit. Additionally, the buttons are raised, which makes typing easier. Take pictures with your family and friends using the device’s 2 MP camera. The Doro phone is Bluetooth-compatible, so you can make calls while driving. Using Bluetooth, you can also transfer files between two mobile devices. In an emergency, you can also quickly dial a number with the speed dial button. Seniors and children will enjoy this one.


  1. Phones with Bluetooth support.
  2. Emergency alerts can be sent using the device.
  3. Seniors will appreciate the large displays.


  1. Cameras of poor quality are available.

Additional Security for Your Kid’s Phone

What kind of phone you give your kids does not matter; what matters is how you control their use of the phone as a parent. Manufacturers provide parental controls on their phones because of this phenomenon. Controlling and discouraging inappropriate phone usage are possible with these features. Check out these security controls for your kids’ phones.

Best overall: Mobicip

The app lets you block a few or all of the apps that are using your phone. It is regarded as one of the best lock apps in 2021. You can limit access to the internet browser and text and call functions using the Mobicip app. As well as alerting you when strange texts come in, this app has good features. Mobicip monitors, for instance, will alert you to messages such as “home alone,” “don’t tell” and others. In the event of harassment being committed against your child, the app will notify you.

Additionally, the app will alert you if any images are posted, viewed, or downloaded from their phone. Swearing and cyberbullying can be discouraged by doing this. Additional keywords can also be added to monitor. The 30 filter categories can be used to block websites on the phone if it has access to browsing. Besides taking screenshots of the child’s screen, it also records what appears on their screen.

Best Value: Android Screen pin

 The screen pin tool is almost always found under the security settings of Android devices. A single app can be locked while the others are restricted. The tool doesn’t show up when someone calls when it’s activated. For toddlers, this is one of the best features. Another reason to use a screen pin is when you don’t want your kids to use their phones during certain hours. A good example would be when it is time to go to bed or study.

Best of Time management: offtime

Offtime locks specific applications or your phone for a set period of time. When using the calculator on a phone, offtime is the best option for children. As a result, all apps will be locked and the calculator app will be the only app that has access. During dinner or bedtime, you can also set it to lock all phone activity. They can then focus on one thing at a time.

The lock and monitor feature is another option for tracking your kids’ phones. Alternatively, Kaspersky Safe Kids or Surfie can be used. It is possible to control phone activities on your child’s phone using all these applications.

Best Cell Phones for Kids

Every parent needs to be able to contact their children at any time. Social media is not suitable for all parents, however. Parental control is available on their phones. Nevertheless, it’s not mandatory to give a kid a phone that’s an adult phone or to install parental control apps. A kid’s phone may have only basic functionality like texting and calling. There are some inexpensive phones among these. Check out the following list of popular kids’ cell phones.

1. Palm phone

Palm phone

Kids will love this phone. Your kid will be able to stay in school with this phone. There is no dust or water on the phone. It means your child has fewer chances of breaking the phone. This credit card-sized phone is comfortable for your child to pocket since it fits in his or her pocket. Palm phones are equipped with a 13-hour bakery.

2. KC2 Cell Phone For Limited Numbers Call by KidsConnect

KC2 Cell Phone by KidsConnect

KC2 cell phones are one of the phones that parents can program their kids to call. As a result, your child will not be able to interact with those numbers. There is no browser or third-party application on the phone. This device also has GPS tracking, geofencing, and a location history but without an SOS button. This phone only has one detriment: you need to subscribe to an exclusive Kids Connect plan. Fees depend on how much you plan to use.

3. KidiBuzz G2 Kids’ Smart Device by VTech

KidiBuzz G2 Kids Smart Device by VTech

In spite of its appearance, this is not a phone. Only when connected to Wi-Fi can children send images, messages, and texts. Information shared by the child is only shared with approved numbers. Kids cannot make calls with this device.  It uses reality games to keep kids entertained, yet has neither a browser nor social media. The child can safely play with the phone since it is shatterproof.


Is there a phone that can only call certain numbers?

Yes. As technology advances daily, new phones are manufactured with more features. For people who rely on their phones for basic services, this is a major inconvenience. Manufacturers are producing phone models with number dialing capabilities. Changing the phone numbers is the only thing you need to do. As well, network providers offer fixed dialing options.

What is the best cell phone plan for a child?

Cell phone plans that offer texting, calling, and data are among the best you can get for your child. Despite the fact that most providers offer plans, many take into account how cheap they are. Mint Mobile’s 3 can fill your needs if you are looking for such a plan. Mobile data, texts, and calls are unlimited.

What numbers can you call without service?

Calls can be made without service in an emergency. A call to an emergency number can be made even if you are not on your network. Also, you can call 999 when you are not connected, and your calls will still go through.

Is there a cell phone that only calls and texts?

Yes. Texts and phone calls are the only features of Light Phone II. There is no internet connectivity on this phone. A blocked social media platform is a clear sign you can’t access it.


You should choose mobile phones with limited calling numbers if you want to buy one for your kids or seniors. The devices can still be used by others, though. Affordable and simple to use are two of their strongest features. The old generation tag is no surprise given that they are branded as such. It is not necessary to download third-party apps in case your child is using the phone. Your child will not be left without a phone if you have difficulty choosing the best one. It’s a simple matter of choosing the phone and the plan that you want for your children.  Also, seniors are affected by this.

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