Amazon Kindle Oasis Price In Nepal 2021

Amazon’s Kindle Oasis is the first waterproof eBook reader in Amazon’s 10-year history. The new $250 eBook reader has a bigger screen, a stronger battery, and twice the storage space.

Let’s dive into the history of the Kindle first, which began with the original Kindle. Next came the Kindle Paperwhite, followed by the Voyage, and now Amazon has released the Oasis. Kindle prices have risen at an increasing pace with each successive generation. In comparison, the first Kindle cost $80, while the latest model costs $250.

The Kindle was the first piece of hardware Amazon ever made, although the company now makes fewer devices. According to the Kindle creators, “tens of millions” of Kindles have already been sold.

Amazon Kindle Oasis Price In Nepal

In terms of the new Kindle Oasis, the screen is seven inches and offers 300 pixels per inch of resolution. There are more LEDs in the screen now, according to Amazon, which makes it brighter than before. A light sensor also allows the brightness to be adjusted automatically depending on the ambient light. 

You can shower and read a book with the Kindle, and it is waterproof. It doesn’t come with a battery-enhancing case (you can still use a normal case) so you get the battery that’s included. While the battery has been expanded, Apple has basically kept the same footprint.

On the software side, Audible comes built into the Kindle Oasis ebook reader, which is nice. And speakers aren’t your cup of tea, Amazon hasn’t abandoned the 3.5mm headphone jack. Storage starts at 8GB, but you can also pick one with 32GB of internal storage.

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  • Good Battery life
  • Compact and light
  • Front light


  • Low-resolution screen
  • Overpriced
  • Lacks audiobook support in Nepal

Amazon Kindle Oasis Price In Nepal

In Nepal, the Kindle line of devices has become the most popular choice among ebook readers. Currently, the cheapest Amazon Kindle is priced at Rs. 9569 in Nepal, but it lacks one major feature – a front light. Since the screen does not light up, it cannot be used to read in a dark room without a lamp, just as it cannot be used for reading inside a real book. There’s a new generation of Kindle (10th Gen) here to solve this problem. It is the most affordable Amazon Kindle with the front light at Rs. 15,999.

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