Welcome to Techtrickers.com!

What is Techtrickers.com?

Techtrickers.com is a website which provides the overall information to help everyone start their own website from home. In the recent time, not just a brand or a business, but an individual requires a website to build a professional presence on the Internet. To help everyone build their online presence, Techtrickers.com was started being inspired from Robert, the man behind the Techtrickers.com website.

The Guy behind this Platform

Hi! I am Binit Ghimire. I am the guy who started Techtrickers.com
I am a teenager from Nepal who is highly enthusiastic about technology.
I spend my day either by

  • writing blog articles,
  • working on web development,
  • trying to find cool stuffs in several websites, or
  • learning cool things regarding web development, software development, networking, network security and a lot more technological aspects.

Find more about me here: Techtrickers.com